Problems Cover Art FLAC files

The safest way to see the correct picture in a file is to embed it. Keeping a picture in the file system does not help as it then is up to the file system to show a picture and not up to the player.
The it is always advisable to fill the same amount of fields in the files as players tend to group together files with the same contents in a particular field. And if there is no data for a certain field, then all the files with no data in that field are grouped together.
So, fill
ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, possibly TRACK and embed the picture in every file
and see what your android makes of it.

When you found out about the android player, there is an action that imports covers from the file system. The filename can be composed of field variables and may use wildcards.

Let me reiterate ohrenkino's advice. I used to use files in the folder, and found a wide variance in how players handled it. Some showed it, some didn't, I even have one player (in a car, of all places!) that uses it's own internal database of cover art images, overriding my image sometimes, but not all the time.

I removed all the image files from my music folders, and have spent a lot of time making sure I have a good image embedded in the MP3 file. I have yet to find a player that doesn't show that embedded image, and ONLY that embedded image.

Good luck!

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Hi, unfortunately.............maybe I didn't understand. It is obvious that I don't need a specific jpg file in the specific map and I removed them. I converted my tags as you said (ALBUMARTIST, ARTIST, ALBUM, TITLE, TRACK). Look at the two attachments, the new one is the one I converted as you told me to do. However, in Windows I still see the right cover art in all songs (MP3Tag), that's OK but when I transferred the files to my smartphon

e I see in many albums a different cover and in some albums only a ? sign......and that's not what I want. I don't understand how I have to delete the embedded cover art in these FLAC files. In MP3Tag it is not possible to delete these embedded files in the FLAC files because the application did not overwrite and save the new content....

Please, look at the printscreens from my Smartphone.

I don't believe that part.
What could be, though: you may have jpg data in the normal and in the progressive mode. Some players cannot cope with progressive jpgs.
The easiest way would be to convert such a picture first to png and then to jpg again (if that is necessary at all). You find an action for that in MP3tag:

If you have files that work the way you want it and others that don't then it would be easiest to compare them and check for differences.

On a side note: why did you import the filename into the field TRACK...?

Thanks for helping me anyway, I really appreciate! However, for today I stop because I am getting more and more frustrated. Tomorrow I continue and I hope you will help me further. I never give up.

"On a side note: why did you import the filename into the field TRACK...?"
Because you told me to do............ sorry, I don't understand. Maybe my old example of Mp3Tag was already good but i don't know how to delete the embedded content in the FLAC files for cover art.

Sorry, if I wrote anything as misleading as that... that wasn't my intention.

To delete a cover:
Load the file(s)
Select the file(s)
Right-click on the cover-display in the tag panel and select "Remove cover".
Press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
A word of warning: it is usually rather hard to find a good picture. So I would save that picture to the file system first with an action of the type "Export cover to file" and a
Format string: %artist%_%title%_%_cover_type%
Like that it should be easy to get the cover back if you find that the embedded cover was not the cause for the hickups on the android device.

I hope I will succeed :pray:. Tomorrow I will try again. These are still questions how to do but as said, tomorrow I am back . Thanks!

Hi Ohrenkino and others,

You have to believe me :pray:, I did exactly what you advised me to do. Per album I selected the songs, right mouse button and remove cover, then Crtl-S. Then again selected all songs per album and right mouse button on the cover image and add. Then Crtl-S again. The images I wanted I had saved locally and are the correct cover art images for the albums in question. Within Windows it all looks good again, but when I copy the albums to my Smartphone I see the wrong cover art on some albums as well as no picture at all on some ..... :roll_eyes:

Somehow it seems that the new content is not being written or overwritten ................... I already told you that and it seems strange indeed but that I had read somewhere on the Internet. :thinking:

It really drives me crazy and just a little while longer, I throw both my PC and my smartphone out the window. :unamused: I have been working on this for days and days and again, I really know a lot about computers, but I don't understand anything about this issue.

I had already written that it seems that new content / data is not being written as well as that the content of the images I wanted to delete is not actually being deleted. When I finished removing the covers I checked if the number of bytes in the full folder had decreased. That was not the case, strange ............

In that context, I had read somewhere that this is only possible through some script "under water" in Windows ............ all difficult for me but maybe you or someone else can still get me started help out. I'm not going to give up easily, but now I'm really slowly at the end of all my attempts.

I am looking forward to new replies :pray:

Maybe, this is something? I found this link And especially this........... I found the text in this URL : works but i haven’t got time to do this 757 times. If you select all then remove cover it doesn’t work.

I have to try this but I doubt this will work................

MP3tag does not adapt the padding in flac files if you remove a cover. So that observation is correct (there are threads that request this feature ...).
The steps I would take:
First get everything right in MP3tag. So all files show the cover that they should.
You could filter for files that do not have a cover with
%_covers% MISSING
The number of files shown by this filter should be zero by the time you have finished editing.
Windows is no good test bed to see whether the covers are correct. If you insist, then you would have to delete all hidden files like folder.jpg, albumartsmall.jpg and thumbs.db and then see what happens.
Once the windows environment is OK, import the files to your other player.
You have to check the features of that player how that player can be triggered to update its information. If there is no real hint about that - rename the files in Windows just a little bit e.g. by adding an underscore before the extension starts.
The new filename should make the player read the file as new file.
Check what the "new" file looks like now.
If there are still files that do not show a cover in the player but in MP3tag, it would be necessary to see where the differences are.


I really don't know how to do this in MP3Tag but all my songs do have the right cover art and these cover arts are all embedded. I don't have jpg files or other images in the specific maps of the albums.

I told you earlier (sorry) I don't have any longer jpg or other images in my file system and I can see all hidden files and system files. Please, believe me. All cover art is embedded now in all the songs.

Maybe this is something....... :pray: :pray:

I don't see relevant differences between them.

Maybe this is happening............. at the time I transfer the files to my smartphone...........maybe because of the Internet connection, the files are comparing and changing at the same time, so, I am getting over and over again the wrong cover art.... something like that? Please. let me know.

I never give up but........... there comes a time that even me............

I think your files are just fine. It's also possible that the player is using the artist name (or something similar) to show a cover from it's internal database or online. I'd try foobar2000 mobile and see if it shows the expected cover or also something else.

If it shows the expected cover, I'd either contact support of the player you're using or probably ditch it completely and go for something more reliable.

Thanks Florian :ok_man: :ok_man: Sorry to say against MP3Tag but in my opinion it sucks..... Foobar2000 did the job! Everything works very well. I did everything well but that application MP3Tag........ Anyway I succeed finally, thanks again Florian :ok_hand: :+1:

One thing............ I can't find equalizer in Foobar2000........ that's a must have....

Hi @luvene I'm an Android user too and I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+. I've been having problems just like yours and I think maybe they are due to the space left in tag header when a cover is deleted.
When I detect these problems I use a flac frontend to convert the track to wav, and then, again convert it to flac. The tag space then is completely clear and I can load new tags.
You can get an easy flac frontend searching at sourceforge for 'flacfrontend '.
Maybe @Florian can add an option to mp3tag to completely remove/purge tag space in file and simplify the process :wink:

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Yes, removal of padding (or at least resizing it to something that makes sense) is on my internal list of things to improve for Mp3tag. Until then, you can create this workaround using metaflac.exe (you can download it from the FLAC website, look for

In Mp3tag, define a user-defined tool via Options → Tools, and name it, e.g., FLAC remove padding, put the path to metaflac.exe and use the parameters

--remove --block-type=PADDING --dont-use-padding "%_path%"

If you want to remove the embedded cover and the padding in one go, the parameters are

--remove --block-type=PICTURE,PADDING --dont-use-padding "%_path%"

This will also delete any cover from the file.

You can then apply the user-defined tool from the right-click context menu of the selected file in Mp3tag.

Thank you @Florian that's very interesting, Samsung music player and sometimes Windows file explorer sometimes have problems with flac files with multiple covers when one of them is empty.

@luvene all of your comments and data would suggest that mp3tag has done it's job of replacing and embedding the cover art you want on the source files.

The problem only appears once you move these to your phone. What device and music player app are you using? Almost every app uses an internal database of images cached from initial scans of your library to speed things up. If your library filenames didn't change, then the images stored won't get refreshed and will display the old cover.

The fix for this is to have your music app refresh your library. This is different for each one, so you will have to check that yourself. Or at least post yours to see if support can be provided here.

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Foobar2000 on mobile is the player. So this means your files were updated correctly by mp3tag?

BTW - In Foobar2000, for the EQ you are looking for check the settings, in the DSP menu.

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MP3Tag is a very nice application, however, quite complicated for people like me! It works well within Windows, within Android it depends on which MP3 player you are using. At the moment I am using now PI player, a bit less complicated than Foobar2000 which is very nice too. Both display at least the correct album covers.

I want to say a big thank to everyone who responded to help me!

Best regards,

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