Problems displaying composer field properly v3.01

Using mp3tag v3.01.
I manually put in the composer details for several albums and saved the updated files.
When I look gain at the albums there is no composer data in the "composer" field.
If I look at extended tag info for a file the composer info seems to be in a field called "Fileowner".
Other albums that I have done in the past, that display the composer info as I expect, if I look at the extended tag info it lists the Composer info under "Composer" not "Fileowner".
All albums ripped with the same ripper dbPoweramp with the same naming convention.
Can anyone help give me an idea of what is happening here please or am I doing something wrong?
The only way I have managed to move the Fileowner contents to the Composer field is manually for each track by right clicking the track...going to extended tags...highlighting the Fileowner field...edit...change Fileowner to Composer.
Very slow.
Any way of doing it faster maybe?


What kind of files are we talking about? mp3? wav? something else?
Unless you have created a field mapping from COMPOSER to FILEOWNER (see Tools>Mpeg>Mapping) this is definitely not the normal behaviour and must be down to either user error or some other local configuration like you only labelled a column "Composer" but it shows the field contents of FILEOWNER.

Here is a link to an FAQ topic of how to copy one field to another:

The files are FLAC losless uncompressed. I have now manually copied all the composer info that went into the Fileowner field back into the composer field.
This is the first time something like this has happened.
No mapping or anything that I have set. Will have a look around to see if anything has changed just in case.
Same settings for ages.
PC is win 10 latest updates only yesterday.
Did 7 albums today and all had this issue.
Bit of a mystery but I will see what happens with the next lot of albums I do.
Thanks for your help.

MP3tag does not make up such replacements on its own.
So either the column definition or the tag panel field definition are not correct.
What happens if you enter the data in the extended tags dialogue instead?
Does the composer then also appear in the fileowner field?

The album set I am doing is a 34 album set that has no accurate rip data.
Only about 7 albums have seen this issue.
Every track on all albums had to be manually entered as part of the the initial rip.
The composer data was entered into the files after ripping using mp3tag to only put in the composer data part.
The composer info was typed into the composer field.
So while I understand that mp3tag would not / should not under normal circumstances put this info into the fileowner field I can't think of any answer as to why.
I only found out that all the composer data went into the fileowner fields while trying to work out what happened. I then manually copied what was in the fileowner field into the composer field to correct it.
So its a bit of a mystery to me.
Was just asking incase anyone else has had the same experience perhaps.
Until I looked into the extended tags I did not know there was such a field as fileowner and was surprised thats where the composer data ended up.
Have done 3 more albums since with no repeat of the issue.
I have a few more albums in this series to do so if it does occur again I will update but if it does not I will be happy.
Maybe I need to have my PC analysed by a priest :slight_smile:
Thanks again