Problems with Artwork in FLAC Files

I have been using MP3Tag for at least eight years, and find it an invaluable tool. The two problems I experience are some FLAC files will: 1) Not take the Artwork (JPeG) at all; 2) Some files will take the Artwork and it shows in the individual files on the PC, BUT in both Instances the Artwork will not display in My HEOS Controller (Amazon Fire), and my Digital Audio Player.
The vast majority (850 out of 1000+ Albums) display the Artwork correctly. I would like to know how to correct this problem.

If you have files that work and others that don't it may be worthwhile to check what the differences are.

Perhaps you have a problem similar to this one:

Other than File sizes, what else is there to check? I have tried creating a very small file: 23.5Kb; and medium size file: 76Kb and large files 998Kb with the same Artwork and tried on the DX120 without success. What is there in a JPEG image that would prevent it being read?

The file size or the limitation respectively refers to the size of the picture (file), not to the size of the flac file itself.
And why your player refuses to show the picture: I don't know.

Maybe your player doesn't support progressive jpeg's? It's a fairly common problem.

You can check if the jpeg is baseline or progressive with ExifTool:

Just drag & drop the jpeg on the exiftool(-k).exe and it will show you various metadata. (Drag & drop works in Windows at least, not sure about Mac and Unix.)

If you create jpeg's yourself, avoid saving as progressive. Save as baseline if you have a choice.


I downloaded the tool, but could not find a .exe file in the whole file.
When creating a JPG file I did not know you had a choice.

If you have access to a Windows PC, download the Windows Executable: It has only one file in it which is an exe.

If you have Mac or Unix the usage/install is different of course, I can't help you there since I don't use them. But all versions will show you exif data once installed.

Depends on the program you use, but e.g. Photoshop have some save options for jpeg.

Note: I'm not saying that progressive jpegs is your problem, but it might be.