Problems with tags in other languages


I have encountered some problems with editing ID3v2 tags in russian. In my opinion it's something about codepage mismatch. The problem is:

1. Tags written via Winamp built-in tag editor turn into senseless pack of characters when read by Mp3tag

2. Tags modified using Mp3tag work alright with Windows Media Player, but in Winamp they look like:

Also I must admit that this happens only with ID3v2, ID3v1 looks fine though

Please help me! :unsure:
For me it's really important


Please have a look at these topics:

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~ Florian


Dear Florian!

Great thanks for support, your reply helped me a little, but the only codepage I found for Russian language was Windows-1251. Still see something senseless in ID3v2 :frowning:

Tell me please, can I import some other codepages into Mp3tag
(e.g. KOI8-R) ?

By the way, it was nice of you to reply THAT fast :slight_smile:


You can tell Mp3tag to decode the ID3v2 tags using your system codepage (Options > Tags > Mpeg).

If you know, that the codepage used for tagging the files wasn't your system codepage, you can use the action type :mt_act: Convert codepage and force the tags to be interpreted by using another codepage.

As stated at the other threads, Winamp doesn't support Unicode, so you'll have to use another player (e.g. foobar2000).

You can also try to enable Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 at Options > Tags > Mpeg. This way, Mp3tag won't write the tags in Unicode, but I'm not sure if all the characters from your language are available at ISO-8859-1.

Best regards,
~ Florian