Problems with Unicode version


I have installed Mp3Tag version 2.35 and found that it saves tags in Unicode format. Since i have a lot of mp3 with Cyrillic titles i converted it to unicode. But it don't display in Winamp correctly and i think there might be a problem with hardware players too. So i tried to use advice given in topic /t/2785/1. And enabled option Always write ISO-8859-1 tags instead of UTF-16 at Options > Tags > Mpeg. After i saved cyrillic tags with this option, all characters in those tags transormed to question-marks. I think the problem with Cyrillic. I reinstalled old 2.31a version and it works ok. But i liked many new features implemented in last version and want to use it too. So i think it will be nice to add option to save tags in cp1251.


Winamp will soon be able to read unicode tags, a beta is already available:

You can search the web for ISO-8859-1 to see what characters are included..
Cyrillic is only supported in unicode in the new version and that will not change!


I experienced the similar trouble. Not even Cyrilic, but "only" CE characters and it also did not work for me. Also, when I switch the program to "Czech" version, the whole menu doesn't use the right characters.
I've tried all options for the ID3 tags, but was never able to achieve a working ID3v2 (sometimes even ID3v1 was wrong). Also when I convert ID3 to Filename, I get real trouble to work with the files after that.
Sorry, but new version of Winamp is not the ultimate solution here, since for example my iPod is not able to work it out at all :frowning: Is there any other way to do it? Would return to older Mp3Tag help me here?

Thank You, I really love this program, just need to figure this out. Daniel


You are the first user which reports this (and the czech version seems to look fine here - see screenshot attached to this post).

ID3v1 is always stored in your system codepage. What are the troubles you're experiencing after renaming the files?

~ Florian


Hello Florian, thank You for Your answer.

This is EXACTLY the problem. If You look on the menu, the "Prevest" should look like "Převést" but there is "P'o/'evést" instead. It doesn't show with many letters, just "z", "c", "s", "l" and "r" (with the accent on them). That's why it may look OK on a first look. I'm totally sure, the older version (I think it was the #32 or so) didn't have this problem.

Exactly the files with "r, z, c, s with accent" - the system is unable to read them, I have to rename them back manually. For example I'm not able to burn or copy such files.

Thank You for Your support and this cool program. I really like it. Thanx again.


What operation system do you have?

For the filenames, try to put the $ansi() function around your format string, like
$ansi(%artist% - %title%)


XP Pro SP2, English, but CE Environment. All other programs are working OK. Only the menu of "MP3Tag" and ID3Tags are wrong.
Thanx for the hint with the $ansi, I'm sure it will help with this part.

Have a nice weekend, Daniel


Hello Florian!

I have the same problem, I can't write ID3v2 tags in native CP-1251.
Mp3tag read such tags fine (created by Winamp), but it is realy mess when I try to work with them.
Winamp doesn't understand UTF-16, and when I mark checkbox "save like ISO-8859-1" I get all '??????' instead of cyrillic symbols.

It's not only problem with Winamp, I'm sure there is a lot of program/devices that work with CP-1251 codepage.

2.32 works fine!

Best regards, Cyril.


As I've already stated several times, ID3v2 writing in system codepage or any other codepage than ISO-8859-1 is not supported anymore. It's not part of the ID3v2 standard and every apllication which writes ID3v2 tags in system codepage is considered as buggy.


I've been using your program for a long time and hardly ever had any problem with it. And as long as I remember I have used ID3v2 tags, but now I'll have to switch to older version of the Mp3tag or even some other program that has support for legacy standards, since I'm using a very old Winamp which was made long before Unicode and it can't show tags the right way. Upgrading Winamp or using ID3v1 is not an option for me, so I hope next time you make an update that might not work on every PC out there you would at least leave an option (not an option of using years old version though).

I do care about standards (for example, about the latest W3C standards), but I know that people don't give a **** about standards if it works not how they expect. Sometimes there must be some hacks for browsers that don't fully support standards (IE which has about 75% of the market, Firefox which is about 15%). Those browsers that have support for all standarts (e.g. Opera) have less than 1% of the market each.

I'm sorry, Florian, but I'm angry and I won't recommend your program as I was doing for at least three years. Even Microsoft adds support for older formats in Office.