Punctuation Problems

I've been tagging a lot of music and I see colons, question marks, hyphens and underscores all too often in filename, titles and artists.

Is there a way to create a template so I can change all colons to semi-colons and eliminate all question marks? I typically use the "album artist - artist - album - track - title" format for the filename but spend many hours correcting the noted punctuation errors.

I thought CD-R case conversion might do this but it does not. I realize that different OSs have different rules so a template would be great. I can choose to substitute or eliminate characters as I desire.

Another thing I would like is to move the contents of one tag to another tag.

And I really need access to more tags! In this Christmas season, I want music tagged as Christmas genre. But I need at least one sub-genre to separate comedy, jazz, rock, ant-xmas, etc. Ideally, I would like to keep the musical genre as primary with several sub-genres to describe theme, mood or location.

Really loving the program but have barely scratched the surface of the many features. Thanks!

Al Agave

These are topics that are dealt with in the FAQs - please have a look there.
Replacement: /t/967/1
Copy/Move: /t/967/1

IF you add more genres then make sure that your player supports such a feature.