Question about cover art

Is it possible, once the cover art is saved in the mp3, to copy the art and place it somewhere else other than another mp3, say a folder for later use or reference? I've tried copy and paste but needless to say that don't work. Just curious.

There is an action of the type "Export cover" to file where you can enter a format string that can also contain a path-component so that you can save the picture file in a specific folder.

That's great. I read the article about the "exporting Cover" but I'm no coder. I've looked at the syntax page but I have no Idea how to even begin. Any possible way you could help or steer me in the direction of someone who could. I don't want to seem lazy and have someone else do it for me but I'm just lost. If there was an article like "How to create (whatever)" at least that would be a starting point. I've tried to look at an "Action Group" already in MP3Tag but all I get when I hit edit is the name of the action. Thanx

There is a section about actions in the FAQs: /t/967/1

Now, for the action "Export cover" (which you can also trigger as "Action (quick)"):

If you want so collect the picture files in a particular folder, use something like this as
Format string: d:\cover pictures\%album%_%_cover_type%
This produces a file like "SOS_Front.jpg" in the folder d:\cover pictures.
You have to find out whether this is good enough or whether other information is needed to make it a unique filename.

Set which cover you want to export. If you specify nothing then all types of cover will be exported. And set if you want to allow duplicates (I wouldn't).

If you leave out the "d:\cover pictures" then the picture can be found in the folder of the audio file.

Have a look there ...

Hmm ... in the dialog "View/Extended Tags..." (Alt+T)
... there is a secondary click menu ... or keyboard (Shift+F10) ... on the "Cover" field
... which offers the function "Extract Cover ..."