Question for Florian !

Hi Florian,

Congratulations to a "really" good program. I just recently got into MP3Tag and still exploring all it's capabilities, so I'd like to ask you a couple of questions :

  1. I try to use 300x300 or even higher ( like 600x600 ) AlbumArt for my MP3's, but it seems MP3Tag is re-sizing them to much lower resulution, like 100x100 or 80x80. At least that's what it shows me at the albumart display. Is there an option to not resize the albumart ?

  2. In another post I've asked if it is possible with MP3Tag to find duplicates in a large MP3 Collection, but I haven't gotten any answer to that. I mean, can I do a " compare " on fields like :

  • Title
  • Album
  • Album Artist ( BAND )
  • file name

I haven't seen any option to do so, but maybe it's possible via the "Actions". I am not a script person, but if you know how that could be done and let me know it, that would be great.

In case MP3Tag cannot search for "doubles" at all, would it be a possibility to include an option like that in a future release ?

  1. In which programming language is MP3Tag written ? ( just wondering, since another tagging program I used for a long time was written in Delphi and the more songs I have, the longer operations will take to complete )

  2. Is there a possibility to display the "File Name" in the Tag Panel ?

Thanks for anwering my questions !!

Merry Christmas from Arizona und "Froehliche Weihnachten und ein gutes Neues Jahr" !!




  1. Mp3tag does not resize cover art.

  2. There is no dedicated functionality to find duplicates. It's already on my internal wish-list (for a long time I admit) but you can try the Filter [F3] to find them with the current version.

  3. Mp3tag is written in C++. The slowness of the other program you were using is probably not related to the programming language (you can write bad code in any language). Total Commander for example is a very good and fast program that is written in Delphi.

  4. No, this is not possible. You can only add tag fields via Options > Tag Panel.

Merry Christmas!


Hi Florian,

thank you for your answers.

Yup, I think it would be a good feature to have a dedicated option to search for doubles depending on several diffrent tag fields and/or file name. You should find a way to take it off your "wish-list" !! :smiley:

If I use the F3 for Filters, how would this work ? Let's just say I'd like to search for duplicate title's.

Ahh, that's good to hear that MP3Tag is written in C++. C++ just seems to be faster with some application than Delphi. Delphi has lots of limitations. Could you please PM me, since I'd like to discuss something with you. Thanks.

Merry X-mas again !



Yes, I see that it might be useful in some situations. Personally, I don't own any duplicate Audio CDs and have no use for this feature. That's probably the reason why it's a little bit low priority.

To search for duplicate titles, just select TITLE from the field drop-down, enter a given title and see if you find any duplicate entries in the list. I know that this is probably not what you're looking for.

Feel free to contact me.


Hi Florian,

LOL, I don't owe any duplicate CD's either, but the problem with duplicate song Titels and duplicate Album Titles can cause problems on some MP3 Playes and their software. For example the song "Yesterday" exists in my collection about 15 times....... of course, some of the songs come from different Beatles albums, then other Artists re-sing the song, then there are Artists with a song "Yesterday" which has nothing to do with the Beatles-Song ! Same happen with Albums called : Greatest Hits, Best Of, etc. ! So I made all my Titles as well as Album Titles unique so that NO player and NO manufacturer software ( MS, Sandisk, Creative, etc. ) get confused. Some software is better than others in identifying duplicate songs.

Another good example for not impoting songs correctly into a music library is, again, the song Yesterday. Lets say you have two "Greatest Hits" albums, both containing the song "Yesterday" ! some software is not importing both songs, since it sees duplicates. There are many more examples like that and it always depends how "picky" people are with their collection and how the software manufacturer's software handles duplicates.

Well, the "F3 Filters" I certainly can use when I know what I am looking for, like "Gretest Hits" albums and then modify the results. But by over 20.000 songs, finding duplicate Titels or duplicate Titles + Albums is almost impossible.

I will PM you after the Holidays, but the last time I tried, it wouldn't let me do that. I'll try again.

Thanks again,



Finding duplicates is not easy. There are so many songs that "sound alike", some are dupes, some maybe just remastered, covered or remixed versions. I guess finding duplicates can never be done with tags alone (these are prone to user error anyway - only think of the many spelling errors, cutoff tags and the like).

The only way might be to have kind of a "music fingerprint" and compare these. MusicIP and MusicBrainz (in combination!) do quite a good job here. Even they are not error free, though (for instance, they can not distinguish between songs of the flemish group "K3" and the German covers "Wir 3").

I rely quite a lot on MusicBrainz PUIDs and MusicIP's "acoustic fingerprinting" technology.

As of today, my decisions and my workflow here is quite conservative, but it might give you an idea:

  • The "decisions" were:
    • MP3: ID3v2.3/ISO-8859-1 only (I would have liked to decide for ID3v2.4/UTF-8 but...)
    • WMA: Not to be used. (If any, use WMA tags)
    • OGG: Use OGG Vorbis tags.
    • FLAC: Might come, currently not used.
    • Tagger:
      • MP3Tag for "the work", with certain guidelines on which tags to use, and how.
      • MusicBrainz Picard v0.9.0beta1, for storing MusicBrainz Data and the MusicIP PUID only.
      • MusicIP Mixer, only for Genre and Artist Fix-up and storing analysis data.
      • All taggers set to use the same (above mentioned) scheme.
  • The workflow:
    • Rip 'em (using EAC) into a temp folder.
    • Tag 'em, fill in all needed info using MP3Tag. (If file comes from the archive or Jamendo/MusicIP download, check & repair tags, clean up, save only tags specified above.)
    • Check MusicBrainz, enter/edit album info, if necessary.
    • Run 'em thru Picard to get the MB info stored. Picard moves them to the final destination folder.
    • Add 'em to MusicIP Mixer (via watch folder), have 'em analyzed, store analysis.
    • Add 'em into our studio database/broadcasting system (mySQL).
    • Do a search for "duplicates" from time to time, using both the SQL database plus MusicIP Mixer. Before deletion, possible dupes have to be checked manually (i.e., listened to).
  • Done :slight_smile:

WOW, thanks for your detaild answer. Yes, I understand the problem and there is almost nothing out there what does the job good enough.

I do have a MP3 tagging program ( from a friend of mine, also a German ) which does exactly that : Finding duplicates

And it does an outstanding job even can specify how close you want 100% or 90 % or 80%...etc. and has also options for several comparisons like file name and all tags. It worked perfectly.........and when I say "it worked" I mean that it still does the job perfect, but it is written in Delphi ( good or bad I don't know I am not a programmer ) and with my growing collection the program gets slower and slower.

That's what I want to talk to Florian about it.

Cheers from sunny but cold ( currently ) Arizona ! :slight_smile: