question on DEV build - CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog.

This could be a bug, not on.

I've been having an issue with my scripts with one particular field over the last few weeks.
finally got a minute to debug and i think it is specifically related to the change made in 2.44e:
CHG: empty fields from web source are no longer listed in tag sources dialog.

With the newer DEV builds what is the correct way to handle "empty fields" in a script?

Comparing two different albums:
album A has the field I'm looking for in the 1st track, then any of the rest of the empty's are treated as having the value in the "Adjust tag information" dialog and the tag is applied to all tracks.

album B has the field I'm looking for in any but the 1st track, then the empty's are treated correctly...applying the desired tag to only the tracks where the value exists.

However, if in album A's case I write a blank space " " to the empty's using an else statement, then the tracks are treated correctly.

Examples for album A - from the debugs:
output["Track Pick"]= "Track Pick|Track Pick||Track Pick|||||||Track Pick|"
{the debug output looks correct, but the Dialog box shows the same value for all and produces bad output, the tag and value "Track Pick" is written to all the tracks; it should only write the tag field to #1,2,4,11}

output["Track Pick"]= "Track Pick|Track Pick| |Track Pick| | | | | | |Track Pick|"
{using this method it works, but i end up with a tag field "Track Pick" with a value " " on the tracks that shouldn't have the tag field at all}

Examples for album B - from the debugs:
output["Track Pick"]= "|Track Pick||Track Pick|Track Pick||||||Track Pick|"
{this for some reason works just fine, the tag field "Track Pick" only gets written to track #2,3,4,11, as it should}

Anyways, hopefully that gets the point across. I tried searching and didn't see any topics that were specifically related to this issue.
If I have to, I can live with writing all the tags and using a {blank space} as a fake value for the empty fields.

If anyone has thoughts, let me know. If it is a bug, hopefully it can be fixed in the next dev release.

I had a same problem just like, think it's a bug, i used to bypass it with empty-spaced tags, then use actions to remove it.

I think it should be fixed in the next version, you can test it here:
[F] Drag & Drop: Data gets written to wrong files

thanks for the reply, and yes it does indeed appear to be fixed with 2.45.

thanks for the fix as well!