Questions about M3U8, Unicode, Windows Media Player & Stuff


Well, well. I played around with the export of MP3Tag the last few days, choked Google for a complete solution, but I'm still stranded.

I "just" need a playlist for unicoded MP3s. That was quite simply done with this MTE:

$loop(%track%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,%artist%  -  %title%

This is more or less the UTF-8 version of the playlist MP3Tag writes as M3U, that one would be exactly

$loop(%track%)#EXTINF:%_length_seconds%,%artist%  -  %title%

Right so far? At least it looks like it generates the same M3Us as MP3Tag and the UTF-8 export works fine within Winamp and Foobar, but Windows Media Player does not recognise M3U8 at all.

BTW, I couldn't find any really useful information about the M3U8 format, just the regular stuff about M3U from Winamp. OK, M3U8 is M3U with UTF-8, but what about the header #EXTM3U? Do I have to write #EXTM3U8 instead or is this obsolete now?

And is there any unicoded playlist I could export to, that works with at least the most important players on any platform?

Wie in Aktion einstellen m3u mit Ordnernamen hinzufügen?
[X] Playlist in Unicode

The m3u8 format is not specified somewhere. It's supported by Mp3tag and foobar2000 and it's basically the same as M3U but encoded as UTF-8.

Regarding Unicode playlists you might have a look at XSPF. It seems to be supported by a lot of applications.