Randomize Track Numbers

Some media players, when used to play music from a folder, always start playing the files in sequential order by tracknumber. It would be nice to be able to re-randomize the track numbers in the folder so that the next time one wishes to play music from the folder, the order of the songs is vastly different that before.

I would like an Action Item that would allow me to randomize the TRACKNUMBER tag for a sizeable collection of FLAC files. The same Action Item should at the same time "count" the number of files and add that value to the TRACKTOTAL tag.

What would it take to write a script to do this? Is it possible?

Dennis ... aka "D2B"

I would use the function to randomize the order in the files list:
[2020-10-20] NEW: added option to randomize sorting via menu "View > Sort by". (#11763, #50519)
and then use the track numbering assistant to set a new track number.