Ransom ware attack message

I currently have v3.07 which I installed on May 21, 2021. I was doing some selective tag updates using an Action I created to copy the artist tag to the album artist tag. These files were recovered from my old Ipod Touch. I was able to do about half of the files when I got a message from the Acronis software that it appeared that MP3TAG was perpetrating a ransomware attack. This never happened with the older versions of MP3TAG. I don't really think there was an attack but something in the new version must be doing something to the mp3 files that makes Acronis think it is.
Acronis did a recovery of the files in question. I did a scan of the files and my system to see if there were any viruses or malware but all seems OK.

Any Ideas as this is somewhat concerning.

I was unable to capture the messages but if it happens again I will and add them to this post.

Same reply as here:

logic mistake? an software that access many files is not automatically a ransomware...
maybe you can configure acronis to ignore mp3tag task.
You may contact actronis support what's the trigger for that warning.

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