"Rating" field in Windows Explorer

Hello, in my music list I give a rating (stars) to each song in the "Rating" field in Windows Explorer. It would be interesting to be able to include this field in MP3TAG in order to make a classification. Please consider my request.

Could you check the documentation for the description of "Popularimeter"

and the deducted representations like RATING WMP.
Also, see the option in File>Options>Tags>Enhanced to see the raw or the processed value for rating.

Sorry but I still don't understand how I can display the column with the "stars" I assigned to my file

You could write an expression with the function $replace() where you replace the number from POPULARIMETER with the correct number of stars.
The values are referenced here:

wow !! this exceeds but capacity i think i will have to give up here :roll_eyes:

here is a thread with examples (even though the surrounding text is in German, you will recognize the expression with the stars in it)

Vielen Dank, dass Sie weiterhin eine Lösung für mich finden möchten, aber meine Kenntnisse des Programms sind nicht weit genug, um zu verstehen, was ich tun muss, außerdem glaube ich nicht, dass dies mir das bringen wird, wonach ich suche, nämlich: eine Spalte, die die Anzahl der Sterne anzeigt, die ich meinen MP3-Dateien auf meinem Computer zugewiesen habe.

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It's currently not possible to display a star column as you're used from Windows Explorer and I take your request as a suggestion for a possible future enhancement of Mp3tag.

You could try this in the column definition for your rating column
Value: $replace(%popularimeter%,Windows Media Player 9 Series|256,*****,Windows Media Player 9 Series|128,****,Windows Media Player 9 Series|64,***,Windows Media Player 9 Series|32,**,Windows Media Player 9 Series|1,*)

Sorry, and thanks :kissing_closed_eyes: :shushing_face: