RATING MM not recognised by MediaMonkey

When using ALT+T I set RATING MM, the track rating is not recognised by MediaMonkey build 1306. It looks like Mp3tag is creating a field named literally RATING MM rather than the WM/SharedUserRating as documented.

Please could someone verify this on the latest version.

The documentation is wrong.
RATING MM is not connected to WM/SharedUserRating

Thanks Dano. I think that's the problem I reported, no?

Or are you suggesting RATING MM is not intended to connect to WM/SharedUserRating?

In which case, I wonder

a) what RATING MM is for and
b) what does connect to WM/SharedUserRating using MM values, if anything.

RATING MM only has a special function on mp3 files with ID3v2 tags.

For wma files, RATING WMP should be compatible with MM because on wma there is only one way to save ratings.

That's a serious breakage. Florian, will you be fixing this?

Thanks for the workaround. For WMA only, it works fine.

Is there really no Mp3tag rating field that works properly for MediaMonkey in different formats? Managing separate fields for different types is a nightmare.

You could add a tag mapping for wma files:

Thanks for the suggestion. For that I'd have to upgrade to a version that's incompatible with my filters, so I'd rather wait until an upgrade to the version that fixes the bug.

Florian, will this be fixed please?

this sounds really similar to my problem in this thread:


...where i can no longer see the "raw data" for popularimeter in the ratings column (for id3 files).

based on that and what you guys were saying above, my question is this: can i add a mapping that would let me see the raw data?

something like:

ID3v2 | popularimeter | RATING

or some user invoked unique named column? (i use mainly FLAC and mp3, so i would like both in one column if possible, and i have a handful of wma and m4a as well)

would that reveal the raw data? am i making sense, i'm a bit out of my depth?


Please, Florian??

Thanks for the suggestion, but isn't. See How may I import MediaMonkey ratings? . There is a subset of MM Ratings for which it is, and this might be OK for some users.