Re-Instating Cover Art

I doubt that the Windows Explorer is the right tool to edit the tags ...
Anyway: please check ((in MP3tag with Alt-T) what kind of tag-version you have now in the file(s) - the window title of that dialog shows the tag versions of all included tags.
I suspect that WE reduced the tags to Version 1 which does not support albumart.
Also check (in MP3tag with Alt-T) that you only have mp3 tags but not accidentally APE tags.

Then: if you have used WMP as player you probably also have the file folder.jpg in each album folder.
You can easily import these into the mp3 files with just one action (you have to create a new one, though).
In general: any deleted data is lost, usually, unless you have backups.

Yes, you are probably right that WE is probably not the appropriate tool to edit tags.

Within MP3tag with Alt-T, the MP3 files WITHOUT album art are typically ID3v2.4 (ID3v1 ID3v2.4) this information is visible at the top of the dialog window.

Within MP3tag with Alt-T - on FILETYPE - some corrupted files have AUDIO/MP3 - however, for some corrupted files FILETYPE is not visible at all! So I cannot check for APE tag.

Virtually all these are tracks are purchased from BEATPORT and (where I have followed the actions described initially i.e REMOVE TAG & UNDO) there is NO *.jpg files within WMP for the album art. I am unclear as to how these MP3 files have the album art "attributed/linked/associated" to each MP3 ?

From tracks purchased from DEFECTED (for example) there are file folders with *.jpg. They are okay.

Please advise - thanks!

Undo does not support covers that are saved in the tag.
So your Remove & Undo probably deleted them.

Also note Windows Explorer does not support ID3v2.4 tags. It shows you ID3v1 tags instead.

In Windows Folder Options make sure you have "Show hidden files and folders" checked and "Hide protected operating system files" unchecked. The album art could be AlbumArt*.jpg or folder.jpg files.

You could also do a Windows Search, but make sure you have "Search hidden files and folders" checked in Advanced Options.

This is extremely disappointing that Remove and Undo has resulted in deleting the album art and that they are in no way retrievable! :unsure:


Thanks for this info, but I can only find ONE AlbumArt*.jpg file and ONE folder.jpg file --- the album art is missing on 3-4 hundred of my MP3's!

How big were the covers? Beatport has an API which offers 500x500 covers for most tracks. With a tag source script for Mp3tag you could redownload the covers. But it requires some manual work.

Sounds promising!

The covers are the standard ones from Beatport (BP) and I guess they are a standard-size 500x500.

How do I get the tag source script for MP3tag --- and redownload covers ?

Please advise step-by-step on how to progress ?

I'm okay for the manual work.


I'll upload it later, just two questions:

  1. You want to tag single tracks, not whole albums?
  2. Do these files have any kind of id tags (Check with Alt+t) ?

Cool - thanks! :music:

  1. Yes, correct, these are single tracks, not whole albums.
  2. Yes, via ALT-T in MP3tag - there is lots of 'standard' metadata - and also metadata relating to TRAKTOR (the DJ'ing software)

Ok. By id tags I meant something like BEATPORTID = 234234
Something that can identify the file on the site so there would be no need to search by Artist + Title.
Got a screenshot of the Tag view?

Anyway I've added the script here:

Download the beatport zip file, extract it. You get a Cover &Preview#Single _ beatport.src file.
Copy it to this location.

Now check the Tag sources menu in Mp3tag for the new entry.
You can additionally download and start the Mp3tag Cover Preview tool. It will show you previews of the covers (unfortunately the beatport ones are very small)
You can also try the amazon or google scripts.

@Dano this is FANTASTIC! GREAT! :smiley:

Works very well!

Okay, it's labour intensive - but that's okay for me.

Thank you VERY much!


I'd like to thank you once more for providing the *.src file that provides links to BP's *.jpg's from BP API.

As some of my MP3's are also from Is it possible to provide a *.src file for Junodownloads ?

These are single MP3's as from BP.

Yes, it's possible. I've already made some scripts before but they'll need some changes for your case.
Can you give me some examples of Artist + Title tags that you have so I can test it?

Track 'RALVERO - Party People (Instrumental Mix)'

This track I 'removed tag' & 'undo'

Interestingly the metadata is empty (via ALT-T) ?

If I click on other tracks that I 'removed tag' & 'undo' from Junodownload they are also empty in metadata

Not sure why that is ?

A track that I have not 'removed tag' & 'undo' is 'SIR JAMES - Special (Ramon Tapia Remix)'

On this track it's all okay - metadata and cover art

Attached is a word document with both mp3 tag files (via ALT-T)

The top file (RALVERO) is empty except for the

The second file (SIR JAMES) is all okay.

mp3tag_1.doc (149 KB)

Are you sure it's empty? You need to enlarge the tag window or use the scroll bars.

I've added a juno script to my cover thread.

Thanks for adding the cover thread to Juno - works well!

The tag was not empty - I have enlarged the tag window and attached the result, with cover art.

Thanks for all your advice! :smiley:

mp3tag_not_empty.doc (123 KB)

It seems the Uniquefileid tag does not match anything on the juno web site so we must stick to the artist + title search.
Do you want to check beatport too?

To upload screenshots it is better so save them as real images, not in word documents.
So paste the image in an image program (Paint, IrfanView) or use a screenshot tool.

Okay Dano - I'll get back re Beatport on Saturday/Sunday.

Understood re screenshots. Speak soon.

@ Dano
Have checked some of my Beatport tunes and can't find a specific Beatport ID in the tag. So like Juno am searching my purchases within Beatport via my download library within Beatport; and then ID'ing exact cover art with date of track.