Reading Tags Types

How do I determine which tag types have been written to an existing MP3 song file?

I bought a new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Limited and I'm having trouble playing songs from a USB thumb drive, the song titles appear in alphabetical order rather than in the track order. I know that the usual fix for this problem is to rename the titles or file names with leading numbers, for example 01-SongOne, 02-SongTwo, etc. But for some songs those leading numbers aren't there when I go to play the songs.

In an email Florian suggested I find a file that plays and appears correctly and then determine which tag type it contains. But I can't figure out how to do this. Can anyone help me?

Hi Herman :slight_smile:

You can see the tag types in the "Tag" column in Mp3tag's file view or when you choose right-click "Properties".

It should say something like "ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)".

Kind regards
— Florian

In the tag column I see this: APEv2(ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2) but the attachments show the selections I've made

After making those selections I highlight all the files and click save, but that entry doesn't change.

Same issue with deleting the album art. I right-click on the picture, choose remove cover, and it goes away. But then I click save and it reappears. I have v2.86.

Hello Herman,

tag types are not changed if you simply save the file. In your example, you read APEv2 (which takes precedence over ID3v2 and ID3v1) but and save this information to ID3v2 (because APEv2 is unchecked).

If you want to remove APEv2 (which I recommend), please uncheck ID3v1 and ID3v2 at "Remove" and choose "File > Remove tag" or Ctrl+R.

The issue with the cover art can be explained by what I've just described. If you read APEv2 but write ID3v2, the changes are not visible and you read the untouched APEv2 tag again.

I recommend to remove all APEv2 and also disable reading of APEv2.

Kind regards
— Florian

Ahhh... Okay, I see that now. Thanks.

I've been going about this a bit wrong. I want to try this as a possible fix for my problem, from the help files:

I already have ID3v2.3 tags of some other type and I want to change them to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags. Do I need to remove the existing ID3v2 tags to write the ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags?

Note: I edited the above because I mistakenly thought I had my problem solved, but still no joy.

On my vehicle's dashboard screen this song 01-Pennies From Heaven appears with the title displayed correctly.

This song 09-A Cradle in Bethlehem appears with the title displayed incorrectly as A Cradle in Bethlehem with the leading "09-" missing.

I have removed the album art from both songs, and Mp3tag confirms this, but album art appears on my vehicle's dashboard screen when I play these songs!

See also this thread: /t/19489/1

I looked at that thread and the one linked to in that thread. I didn't see anything that addresses the issue of album art appearing on the dashboard screen when Mp3tag shows no album art at all.

Has anyone tried to download the two songs I mentioned in Post #6? It occurs to me that I didn't make it clear that that post contains links to those two mp3 files.

I can confirm that both files contain no albumart (and no albumartist).
So, now you have to offer the dashboard for download. No, just kidding. You would have to find out why your car dreams up information on its own. There has to be some kind of reset or clear or format option.
What happens if you rename the files and import them then to the car thingy?

There are car-players that that use a cache to store tag-data.
There also are car-players that use their own database to identify songs.

Thank you!

I tried that just now and it makes do difference.

Ahhh... Now we're getting somewhere. I deleted every tag except the title, and renamed the files. Now the car player displays the correct titles and the album art is gone. :smiley:

The latter one: how?

Via Internet or from an internal disk of some kind?

I'm thinking this one doesn't because I reset the car's head unit and it made no difference.

I'm thinking this is what's happening. Now I just have to figure out how to proceed. My main desire is that the songs in an album play in the order the artist intended. If my suspicions are correct, when a song is encountered that's in the database the title in the database overrides the title written to the tag. This defeats the work-around I'm using to get the songs to play in the desired order, which is to start the titles with 01-, 02-, etc.

I'm pretty sure now that this 2018 Subaru Crosstrek Harmon-Kardon's player uses its own database to identify songs.

When a song is encountered on the USB drive that’s in the database the title in the database overrides the title written to the tag. This defeats the work-around I’m using to get the songs to play in the desired order, which is to start the titles with 01-, 02-, etc.

The fix is to change the album artist. So, for example, change Jethro Tull by placing an asterisk between Jethro and Tull. It ain't elegant, but it works! Thanks for all the help.

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