Recently Opened Playlists Dialog Box / Simple "Save Playlist" Command

I work a lot with playlists, and I would love to see a "recently opened playlist" dialog box/dropdown menu when I click on the "Load Playlist" icon. Related to that, I would also like to be able to have a simple "Save" button after opening and editing a playlist, that lets me overwrite the old playlist. Currently, I have to select "Make Playlist from...", and remember/find the filename of the currently loaded playlist and save/overwrite it.

Thank you!

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You can also use of the playlist-specific placeholders at Options → Playlist so that saving a playlist uses the filename of the currently loaded playlist.

But that only works if no other tracks from other directories are added to the playlist. Once you do that, the playlist path in the save dialog switches to the directory of the last added track and the filename is blank.

I can reproduce the change of path - but not the blank filename.
I have set a default playlist name in Tools>Options>Playlist with an absolute path.
For an initial playlist, I loaded a bunch of files and the playlist got saved as set in the Options.
I then reloaded the playlist an added another set of files and - as @KaeptnNuss described - when I wanted to save the playlist, MP3tag offered to do so in the folder of the last added file.
BUT: the filename itself (without the path) was preserved. This could be as did not bother to rename the playlist and the name now was the same as the default playlist name.
Perhaps it would help that the filename set in the option would be offered as default ...

Does this also happen when using


as playlist file name under Options → Playlist?

Now, I tested it again - and have to revert some of my findings.
I set the Tools>Options>Playlist name to
created a playlist with that name,
d&d it into MP3tag
d&d other files from other folders
Selected File>Playlist (selected files)
and was offered a dialogue that offered the name form the options.

I tried the same except that this time I set

in Tools>Options>Playlist
and this time the playlist name was lost - I only got the path.

I tested something further:
I loaded my playlist and opened Converter>Tag-Tag and set
as format string - which returned playlist.m3u
I then d&d another file from a different folder and tested the playlist name again in the Converter - only this time the converter did not return any value.
And if the original playlist name is lost, then the default playlist name from the options is taken - it is rather unfortuate if that also takes the variable %_playlist_filename_ext% to generate the name

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OK, thanks for pointing!

It seems that I'm resetting the information on the currently loaded playlist too often, and I'll try to preserve it also when new files and folders are added. I'll keep you posted.

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It should be fixed with Mp3tag v3.12c.

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It works!!! Thank you, rock! Vielen Dank! Mp3tag is the BEST!

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