Recompressing Album Art

Some MP3 players balk at album art which is too big (mine insists that Album art be less than 100k.) When I download song, I have a ritual of cutting, pasting into my paint program and then saving until I get it just under 100k, adding the art back and then saving.

A neat feature would be to be able to do the re-compressing within MP3tag.

There is software that is able to compress to defined dimensions and defined ilesize automatically, e.g. irfanview.

Are you talking about embedded artwork or externel artwork-files in the album directory?

Waht do you mean by cutting & pasting?
If you deal with embedded artwork you should export this to a file if you want to change it.
And never embed compressed artwork with copy & paste into mp3s but use "add cover". With copy & paste it gets much larger.

see here:
or here: Changing Cover Art if it is below 600x600 pixels
ore here: Resize album art?
just to name a few