Regex first character Alphabet only

If have used Regex before but I am stumbling over trying to determine %artist% that begin with alphabet character. I am trying to batch convert tag to filename.

I have several artists that begin with numeric or non-alphabet characters:

.38 Special
3 Doors Down

I would like these to to move to a folder named 0-9 and those starting with alphabet character to move to A...Z fodlers based on their first letter.

Here is what I came up with but everything moves to 0-9

$if((((NOT %artist% MATCHES ^\w) OR (%artist% MATCHES ^\d))),0-9\\%artist%,$left(%artistsort%,1)\\%artist%))

I have also trie the following:

$if(($or(($not(%artist% MATCHES ^[a-zA-Z])),(%artist% MATCHES ^\d))),"0-9\"%artist%,$left(%artistsort%,1)\\%artist%))

$if((%artist% MATCHES ^\W),0-9,$left(%artistsort%,1)))

Any suggestions?

Please don't forget:
Where do you want to move special characters like Д or Э or Ø or 菅?
Should they go to 0-9 too?

And there some more like
.hiDDen tiMe

There are even some characters who seems to be between A-Z (example: ВЕЧЕ or РАРОГЪ), but the B and P are not the usual one...

Sorry, not really helpful. Just my 2 cents.

You mixed Filter syntax with script functions, that's not supported.

Try this:


... or ...