Reinstalled Windows Now I need help with Mp3Tag Settings

I have been using Mp3Tag for a few years now and just recently needed to reinstall my windows 10 on my older laptop. So now I need to get back to where I was with my Mp3Tag program.

1 is there any suggestions anyone can give me on just starting out with a fresh install of Mp3Tag?
2 can someone tell me how to copy the entire list from title to file name. What I mean is if I'm editing tags on a album called "ABC123" and the titles are "A1", "A2"up to "A10" and the file names are "AAA111" and if I don't want to rename each file how do I take the titles and place them in the file name area. Thank you all in advance for the help.

It sounds like you didn’t get a backup of your old mp3tag settings. If you do have these you can simply restore those and all will be as it was before. Otherwise you will have to build these preferences out from scratch I’m afraid.

I don’t quite follow your ABC examples, perhaps you can share a screenshot of some real titles you are working on.

You can start with the initial suggestions like here.

There is a whole lot of documentation available:

and as nobody knows

you have to ask more specific questions.
A general approach is described in