Release Date field in itunes

Hi All,

Does anyone know which tag in mp3tag corresponds to the 'Release Date' field in itunes? And if so, what format should I enter the info: DD-MM-YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY etc or MMDDYYYY etc

I'm trying to edit this field for mp3 files so that I can more accurately sort them.

Many thanks in advance

Only for mp3:

Format: YYYY-MM-DD

Complete format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ
T and Z are literals

Thanks Dano, but I cannot find RELEASETIME in my Tag options. :frowning:

I have RATING WMP and SETSUBTITLE in the options and I can see in the Help section that RELEASETIME should be inbetween these!

I am running 2.45a on an XP pc.

Do I have to manually add it somehow or I am missing something obvious?

Just enter it manually then.

Ah worked out how to get it in manually. Thanks again!

I too have this issue and it is wrecking my head. Been going around in circles for the past 4 hours trying to fix this.

I am trying to copy the "date created" data of each MP3 to the corresponding "release date" field in itunes. The reason for this is that I want to be able to sort my MP3's, in Itunes, by the date I have downloaded them (not added modified). It would appear the release date feild is the only tag I can add and then sort by date (I tried adding the date created into the comment field but Itunes will not sort this feild correctly by date).

but I have no idea how to create the RELEASETIME column. Anyone have any idea's?

Thanks in advance.

Anyone.... ?

Make a new action:

Action type: Format value
Format string: %_file_create_datetime%

Also have a look at

Thanks for the reply and instructions dano. I did exactly what you said and it copied the date created for each MP3 into the new RELEASETIME feild but even when I refresh in itunes the dates do not show up in the "release date" feild. Any ideas why?

What's the format of your %_file_create_datetime% ?
We probably must adjust it to the itunes date format.

Not sure what you mean dano. Do you mean what is the resultant output in the RELEASETIME output column in MP3Tag when I follow the steps you outlined above? If so each file in the RELEASETIME field displays like this:

7/4/2008 1:04:29 AM

Yes, you must convert
7/4/2008 1:04:29 AM
(assuming 7 is the month)

Do you also need the time? Cause converting AM/PM into 24h format in Mp3tag might be tricky.
If you change your date & time settings in windows to a 24h format it would be easier.

Hi dano. No I dont need the time. How would I go about converting 7/4/2008 1:04:29 AM
into 2008-07-04T01:04:29Z?

Just a quick update I manually edited one of my MP3 tags and pasted in 2008-07-04T01:04:29Z? into the releasetime feild. I then refreshed this MP3 in itunes and the release date appeared!!!! If you can just tell me how to write that info to all of my files I'll be laughing!!

I can offer you
7/4/2008 1:04:29 AM

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^(\d\d?)/(\d\d?)/(\d\d\d\d).+
Replace matches with: $3-$num($1,2)-$num($2,2)Z

(You can also remove the Z if you want, it should also be recognized without it)

Thanks dano but how do I go about writing all my MP3 releasetime feilds to 2008-07-04T01:04:29Z format?

I thought you didn't need the time, but ok.
No guarantee for this one though:

Action #1:
Action type: Format value
Formatstring: $ifgreater($strstr(%releasetime%,PM),0,$replace(%releasetime%, 1:,T13:, 2,T14, 3,T15, 4,T16, 5,T17, 6,T18, 7,T19, 8,T20, 9,T21, 10,T22, 11,T23, PM,Z, ,T),$replace(%releasetime%, 12,T00, AM,Z, ,T))

Action #2:
Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^(\d\d?)/(\d\d?)/(\d\d\d\d)T(\d\d?)
Replace matches with: $3-$num($1,2)-$num($2,2)T$num($4,2)

All fixed :music: :w00t:

I used the string (Actions quick) %_file_create_datetime%which gave me the following output in the RELEASETIME field: 7/4/2008 1:15:20 AM. I then ran your suggestion (Replace with regular expression) which edited each RELEASETIME feild from 7/4/2008 1:15:20 AM to 7/4/2008Z which now shows up in itunes!!

Thanks a million for your help dano.

Hey guys,

I realize this is pretty old, sorry...By following the steps in this thread, I've been able to edit the release date field in order to make my M4As show the full release date (i.e. Jan 13 2009, etc.) on my iPod, but it only works for dates 2000 and after, anything in the 1990s only shows the there anything extra I need to do in order to make it work?