Remove characters after / before

Hi guys,

In my tagging process i usually use mixed in key to analyse the tempo and the keys.
And it's been write in the comments section.
I got 2 questions about it.

  1. I would like to have only one key Example : 9A/9B to 9A

**There is any Action expression which i can remove everything after "/"
Or keep only some value I write before.( in the action group section)

  1. Also any action to copy the same comment section to key section?

Thank you for you help.

I'm actually remove it manually.

Try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression"
Search string: /.*
Replace string:
(leave empty)

To copy one field contents to another field, see the FAQs/HowTos

Just tried the solution with /.*
it works perfectly.
Thank you.

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