Remove Characters from middle of Tag

Hello mp3tag,

Here is what I'm trying to do:

Title (Before): 1-01 Chrono Trigger - Presentment

Title (After): Presentment
Disc (After): 1
Track (After): 01 (I'd prefer if the 0 can be preserved)

1 is the disc number, 01 is the track number. I'd like to automatically set the disc and track number in the appropriate fields if possible. Setting the album automatically isn't necessary.

I have about 1000 files in this format, so I'd like to create an Action but I'm not sure about how to format it. Some help would be appreciated.


If you want to convert from filename to tag-fields, then see there:

See also another practical usage for the converter when foldernames are involved too:
Extracing ID3 information (artist, title, etc) from file name

If you want to convert from one tag-field to multiple tag-fields, then you can use the action "Guess values".
Source Format:
or maybe ...

If you do not need the ALBUM value, then you may use this formatstring:

Please read the Forum FAQ and read the threads from thousands of other users with the same theme as yours.

By the way ... what has the topic line "Remove Characters from middle of Tag" to do with the described problem?


Sorry about that. I changed my thoughts after I typed out the topic. I forgot to change it back.

I somehow missed the FAQ when I searched about this on Google.

Thanks for the information.

EDIT: DetlevD, thanks for your help. When I tried it myself, I didn't include the dashes which led to an incorrect output. Thanks again!