Remove cover tags recursively

Hi all

The title says it all. I have a collection of files that someone added cover art to and for which I'd like now to remove the cover art. There're a couple of hundred files in total, and I don't want to do it one by one.

Googling this leads to lots of people saying that MP3Tag can do it, without specific details, and I can't work it out either. Is it possible to use MP3Tag for this purpose?


Action #1:
Action type: Remove fields
Fields to remove (semicolon-separated): PICTURE

Have you read anything in the online help?
No, otherwise you would know.

Load all the files you want to treat into MP3tag.
Select them all.
Press Alt-T.
In the subsequent Extended Tags dialogue press the red X next to the frame for a picture.
Press OK, done.

Actually: why do you want to throw the pictures away? WOuldn't it be wiser, to backup/export them first?

I couldn't figure out how to get actions to apply to all files in a directory tree without explicitly loading them. Also, I normally like to have hi-res covers stored separately to the music files; duplicating poor quality low-res images across multiple files is pointless. My use of MP3Tag has been to ensure consistent metadata within the music collection.

There are several ways to load more than one folder into Mp3tag:

Either have
checked and then navigate to the top-most folder and open it - this will load this folder and its sudirectores.
Open Explorer
Select the folders you want to load
Drag&Drop the selection into MP3tag.

Ah thank you, I'd missed that checkbox. All fixed now, thanks again and sorry about posting regarding things I really should've worked out myself.