remove different types of tags

hey everyone!
iv been using this program for a long time and i reckon its great, i dont don anything flash with my music, all i want is for it to come up with the information i want on itunes.

but the reason im here today is because i cant remember how to remove tags from a song, but not all of them? i had a play around with it a bit but i could not remember. i saw it on a tutorial a while ago but now i cant seem to find it. i dont think you know what i mean so ill example it for you since i love typing lol

since my music has heaps of types of tags (id3v2, id3v1, ape...etc) when opening them on itunes, the information that comes up isnt always consistent, so one day, with just one thing(didnt take long at all) i removed all the unnessarry tags from my music. all i had were id3v2 tags and everything else was gone and i never had problems with the info coming up wrong on itunes. the thing is, i got some new music and i cant remember how to do it, could someone tell me?

If you want to remove complete TYPES of tags then set the options (Menu) for mpeg to read everything but to write only the types of tags you want. If I get your example right, only V2 should be ticked but not V1 or APE.
Then select all the files with strange tags, cut the tags from the files (context menu of the list) then immediatly paste them again. THis removes the unwanted tags.

To find the various types of tags it might be a good idea to create a column which displays the value of
%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]
if you sort this column you will find all the tags of the same kind in one group.

woah man, thanks. i remember it being a different way, but this works too. also, this is completely unrelated, but for some reason, after i updated it a while ago, i have had to run the program in administrator mode for it to be able to write to the songs, do you know why that is?

I think it depends on who owns the files (in Win Explorer add a column that shows the owner).
If the files belong to another login or a former login (former like in before the update of the OS) then you may not have sufficient access rights.
You can reassign all files (recursively) to your account wiht the security tab folder in the windows explorer.

i dont think that is the problem, it says i own all of my tracks