Remove Leading \ Trailing Space

What action will remove the space from the example below? Tried from the example given

\s+$ but nothing happen...

I would like this

Vocal : carmen McRae

To look like this:

Vocal: Carmen McRae

  • I have the action to Cap after white space.


You do not tell what kind of action you have applied.
I think a simple "Replace" action would do:
Instead of typing hit the space bar.

Or you experiment a little with your exprssion but leave out the $ as this describes the "end of field" so that your expression only removes spaces at the end of a field but not in the middle.

I've seen this problem before - can't recall how to solve it.

Carmen McRae : vocals, Piano
Freddie Hubbard : trumpet, Flugelhorn
Hank Crawford : alto Saxophone, Grover Washington,Jr.

If you notice after the ":" The first letter should be Capped as in Vocal, Trumpet, Alto; however it sps the first word and caps everything after that.

The problem i found has to do with the whitespace between : and the first word vocal, trumpet, alto.

If I mamually remove the space, all words are capped.

somehow : is not being recognized.

The action I'm using from the tutorials:

Replace with expressions

: ^\s+


Basically, I want it to find all whitespace after : and replace with

Carmen McRae : Vocals, Piano
Freddie Hubbard : Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Hank Crawford : Alto Saxophone, Grover Washington,Jr.

Again, manually, if i remove the space... the current action works.

Hope that helps.