Remove .mp3 after song title filename

How do i remove .mp3 after song title in filename, so .mp3 does not show in title when song is downloaded and played

There are multiple pieces mixed up in your question:

1.) Every song has a filename, like My beautiful named song.mp3
2.) If you load this song in Mp3tag you can import a copy of this filename in the metadata tags, ie in the tag TITLE. You can use the menu Convert -> Filename - Tag (or press ALT + 2) and the preview of this converter let you see that NO extension like *.mp3 will be converted.

3.) If you already have the extension .mp3 in your TITLE tag, you can do step #2 again.
4.) If your content in TITLE is not exactly the same as the filename without extension, you can use a replace action to replace the unwanted part in TITLE with nothing = remove it.
5.) During a download of a song from an external source, you can not modify the metadata tags. You can only modify a completely downloaded local copy of such a song.
6.) Your player software can read the filename and/or the manually added metadata tags. This heavily depends on the various available player software.

Use Converter>Filename-Tag
Mask: %title%

thank you, i see how you would think multiple pieces. i should have been more specific. i create music on software. when i'm done, i mix down to...the software ask mp3, flac, wma or ogg. i choose mp3. then save as and to file location. from music file, i copy the file then send one to google and ms drives. from here, download to my phone. when song is played, title with .mp3 will appear. i followed the steps with no avail. i'm not sure about steps 4 and on without you knowing the specific. thanks again

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You can’t remove the EXTENSION .mp3 from the FILENAME, as that is an operating system requirement. This is different from the TITLE field, where you don’t have the .mp3 already.

What player are you using?

thank you for the reply....Not sure what you mean by player. i download to my phone, open my files, tap downloads, tap the song and it plays. i don't use an mp3 player app. the software is mixcraft 8. i thought maybe i could fix this from there but i could not find a way going throught the user manual and all the drop downs and help tabs from the main window.
would it be the same issue if i were to use one of the other ...wav, flac, wma?
this maybe a dumb question, however. why is it when you play a song on youtube music or some other app like soundcloud. it just shows the title without the .whatever? does the app change the file when you upload a song to it?

Try a decent media player that can handle the job better. Sounds like you are on an Android device. Try GoneMad for simplicity and a great UI, or Poweramp if you are looking for something that plays hi-res and maximizes what your phone is capable of. Both will do a much better job of managing your library, and you won’t have to depend on folder/file structure. Otherwise with your current app you are going to deal with what appears to be poor media handling.

In order to make a sound out of bits, you need a player. Obviously, the player does not really dig into embedded metadata and therefore you see only that, what your

show as properties: the name.
So, go with @MotleyG and

And a decent media player then reads the metadata which your current solution obviously does not do at the moment. And the metadata in the field TITLE could then be without mp3 at the end

I still miss a little feedback on the suggested step

thank you everyone. i now understand what is happening and why. i truly appreciate the feedback/help. all the replys helped me understand this issue.

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