Remove Parenthesis at very end..

I have most of the Actions set up..

I have one that renames all forms of featuring to ft. but it always leaves a parenthesis at the end but will remove the parenthesis in the beginning.

Example -

Artist - Title ft. Artist 1 & Artist2)

I don't mind going in and removing the last ")" manually but it gets annoying once you've been spoiled by automation.

Any one know what I'm doing wrong? Perhaps a quick solution?

What about replace ?


or Removing of a certain number of leading chars in, that Faq Topic it also list an example on how to remove the last number of characters.


I don't need to replace it - just remove it.

In the example, a normal filename like this:

Artist - Title (featuring Artist1 & Artist 2)

works out to be

Artists - Title ft. Artist1 & Artist2)

so it removes the first one (I understand why) but I can't figure out how to remove the last one. If I do the removal of characters it will remove anything that is last, right? I don't want that happening. Right now the action only changes the tag if some form of "Featuring" is there - if not it ignores it.

Thanks for your help!

In the link I gave you about replace in the Faq it says: "On Replace with you enter the text that replaces the string in Original. If you leave it empty, the string will be deleted."

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Yeah, that works - was just wondering if I could have done it without creating another Action. No problem. It solves the problem!


The only problem with replace is that it removes all ")" characters.

So if you have for example


You get as result: ARTIST - TITLE (Remix ft. ARTIST & ARTIST2 (So missing both end ")" characters.

I think better is to use:
The replace with Regular Expression Action and then as Regluar Expression enter
As field enter TITLE (Not to use on _FILENAME)

As listed in Actions

Try this. But filter out music in itunes or whatever you use and then drag that content to mp3tag. As this is quicker than dragging ALL your music to this app and then filtering unless your working on all your music. IN which case hit F3 in mp3tag and type "%_filename% HAS feat"

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: ^(.+)\s((featuring|(feat.|(feat)\s(.+)())
Replace matches with: $1 ft. $3

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

This will replace the filename:
Artist - Title (Featuring Artist1 & Artist 2)
Artist - Title (Feat. Artist1 & Artist 2)
Artist - Title (Feat Artist1 & Artist 2)

Artist - Title ft. Artist1 & Artist 2