Remove portion of title in brackets

I recently learned that MP3Tag would be able to fix title and other aspects in my music.....ive only used it to tag cover art till now and normally fix MP3 tags one at a time by hand.....but i have recently acquired a massive new collection and need help at doing it quicker.....

Ok here's the thing, all of my new collection has a peice of text i'd like to remove that is in brackets....this is what one looks like:

Aint A Party Like Teen Spirit Cannonball (Jenil Edit) [].mp3

I'd like to remove the portion in brackets at the end containing but havent a clue on how to do it :frowning:

also i'd like to move the information in the contributing artist tab to the album artist tab instead or at least copy it...

I know there are scripts that may help as far as the title, but dont know what it is and dont know how to tell MP3Tag how to move or copy information either.......

Can someone help me please :slight_smile:

You have to select the files you want to treat the same way.

The filename problem: why don't you create new filenames from the TITLE field?
Format string: %title%

Or you could create an action with a simple Replace for _FILENAME:
Search string: []
Replace string:
(leave empty)

Create an action of the type "FOrmat value" for ALBUMARTIST
Format string: %Uh, yes: to execute an action you have to select the files

Ok.....i thought i knew where and how to do this, but i havent a clue how to do this and which button to hit and where to put this script.....

"Convert>" should be a menu in MP3tag.
The instructions how to create a new action can be found in the FAQs: