"Remove tags" doesn't remove?

Florian, you might want to have a look into a thread at MusicIP. User "urlwolf" had the problem of a "tag mish-mash" and I suggested deciding on one "standard" and rewriting the tags using MP3Tag.

As far as I know, MP3Tag is supposed to actually remove the tags you specify to remove under "Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg", for instance. Is that not so? It didn't work out for "urlwolf" except when explicitly removing all tags (CTRL+A, CTRL+R) and rewriting them using "Undo" (CTRL+Z).

I tried to verify this (quick & dirty test) using v2.39k by specifying this in "Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg":

  • Read
    • [x] ID3v1
    • [x] ID3v2
    • [] APE
  • Write
    • [] ID3v1
    • [x] ID3v2
      • (x) ID3v2.4 UTF-8
      • () ID3v2.3 UTF-16
      • () ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1
      • [_] ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small
    • [x] APE
  • Remove
    • [x] ID3v1
    • [x] ID3v2
    • [x] APE
The file I tested had both ID3v1 plus ID3v2.3/ISO-8859-1 tags.

I was expecting that after a "Save" the file should only contain an ID3v2.4/UTF-8 plus an APEv2 tag. These it had (i.e., the ID3 was rewritten correctly, plus an APEv2 tag generated) but the ID3v1 tag was also still there!

Do I somehow "misinterpret" what "Remove tags" should do? Or is this just a bug in 2.39j/k?
I always assumed that just "re-saving" should do the trick of "cleaning up" according to one's tag settings - I wouldn't trust any software doing an "undo" on say, 30.000 files...

Thanks in advance for your help. I urged "urlwolf" to come over here to take part in the discussion and maybe give you further input on this.

"Save tag" does not remove any tag types.
The "Remove" options only take action if you use the command "Remove tag" CTRL+R or Cut.

I can verify the problem with the above config. 2.39j.
Another 'technique' I found is to copy, then paste the tags to remove the formats you don't want. If this is the way it's intended to be, it's a bit counterintuitive. When one cuts and pastes in other applications, one expects the same result coming out (!). Using the clipboard metaphor as a processing tool is ... well, new to me. Not sure Usability people would be happy :slight_smile:

I'm a bit puzzled that doing this thing over .wma made them lost replaygain (at least so says MusicIP). That could be a problem on MIP side, though.

Hmm... pondering...

"Not changing anything we don't know about" is a GOOD philosopy. Nevertheless, MP3Tag might just be SO more productive if we could have a kind of "cleanup" like what I described, i.e., only saving what we really wish to save.

I THINK I'd suggest a new feature:

Some option like

[x] Remove specified tags when re-saving

or the like. For people like us who sometimes need to do some cleanup (I'll have to work on about 20.000 MP3s soon to get rid of ID3v1 tags... and I surely won't trust any software to remove everything, somehow "keep" all the info in some unknown piece of memory and then "undoing"...).

I guess most of the users actually want some "specified" and "clean" type of tags, not just some "unknown mish-mash", especially since there is no "official" priority scheme for which tag type to prefer over which other. So there just might be a "market need".

Your opinions please?

I think [Ctrl+S] and [Ctrl+R] with the right settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg would do the trick.

Kind regards,