Remove Track # fromTitle or Trim Space.

looked in FAQ. Seems simple, but can't replace tag info.

I'm trying to remove the track# from title or Trim space from Beginnig.

the action doesn't seem to work



  1. Take Five

change to:

Take Five

Or just trim Title by 5 spaces...


No wonder as the pattern you find in the title is not matched by the expression.
The expression expects a number and a space immediately behind it. You've got a dot there.
(and it is not "Replace" but "Replace with regular expression").

Did you have a look at the help for string functions?
e.g. $cutleft()

Converter-Menu: Tag-Tag
Field: TITLE
Format String: $cutleft(%title%,5)

or an action:
Type: Format Value
Field: TITLE
Format String: $cutleft(%title%,5)


Someone in the FAQ expalined why it wouldn't work... gave a soltion:

^\d{0,7}[- ._ ]*

Works for me.

Remove leading numbers and other characters


01-99 Luftballons
123.8000 miles from home

99 Luftballons
8000 miles from home

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Remove 'track' number from title?