Remove 'track' number from title?

Hi there.

Over the past few years I have been ripping my CDs and converting them to mp3 with EAC, not caring too much about tags or filenames. Recently I have started to rip my CDs to flac, with EAC as well.

These filenames follow as: %artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

I'd like follow this along and convert (tag -> filename) my mp3 files to this convention as well. But I am finding it difficult, because when I started ripping and converting (I forget which player I was using), I put the track number in the title, to allow for an album to play in order. But now I can not figure it out how to get the track number out.

I tried tag -> filename which almost works--

original filename: (%title% - %artist%) 01. These Are The Days - 10000 Maniacs.mp3
changes to: 10000 Maniacs - 10,000 Maniacs - MTV Unplugged - 01 - 01. These Are The Days.mp3

All would be well if someone could help me figure out how to remove the 'XX.' from %title%.

Any takers? Please.

If the track number is already in the '%title%' then the only thing I can think of, which will fix your problem, is to make an action that will replace '01. ' '02. ' '03. ' etc, with nothing.

Then just turn on (if you've turned it off) subdirectories (CTRL+O > General > tick/check subdirectories) and load up your music directory and let the action run through all the music.

Lemme know if this will work or not!

Yeh. I am new to this but I tried:

$replace(%title% - %artist,..".",)
Clearly this did not work.

I get, "0 out 7123 files renamed".

Any advice?

What EXACTLY do you find your id3tag TITLE?
Is it "01. These Are The Days"?

And is it always filled with "NN. Text until end" (NN for two numbers)?
No variation like "N. Text until end" or "NNN. Text"?

Yes. You are exactly correct-- "NN. Text until end"

with: "01. These Are The Days" = %title% - %artist%.mp3 = filename

Mabye this will help:

Action type: Tag-Felder formatieren
Formatstring: %artist% - $right(%title%,$sub($len(%title%),4)) - %album%

Adjust the desired fields in the Formatstring to your needs. The most important part is the one with the right-part from the title, starting at the 4th position of the string.

Let us know, if it works. :rolleyes:

you might try a more general approach using a regular expression replace:

field: TITLE
regexp: ^\d{0,2}[- ._ ]*
replacewith: (nothing)

this means: delete up to 2 numerical digits followed by blank(s), dot(s), dash(es) and underscore(s) from the beginning of the titel string, ie you catch things like
1.title, 1 - title, 10 title, 11_title, etc etc

beware of applying this action to titles like "99 Luftballone", "8000 miles from home" etc :sunglasses:

HTH, andreas

ChopTrackNo.mta (57 Bytes)

That did the trick.

Thank you.

It's great to have such helpful people around.

Wow I'm glad I found this old thread. I've been dealing with this for literally years. Thanks!