How can i remove the number inside of file names , artist or tile of song?
01 Radiorama - Chance to desire
i don't wanna see 01 in the filename or tags
i like someone like this
Radiorama - Chance to desire without numbers.

Make a new action

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: _ALL
Regular expression: ^\d\d\s+
Replace matches with:

This removes two leading numbers and spaces from all tags and file name.

Thanks for your rapid solution. works fine.
see you later.

and if i wanna remove the tree first caracters of file name?

If it's any character you can use
Regular expression: ^...

you are the best, friend.
That's all for me, i 'don't have any questions,
if i can help you in any problem send me a message.
Thanks for all.