Removing a slash?

First off, Mp3tag is bad amazing. Free, great features, etc.

My question:

Many times I will add files to Mp3 Tag. For example, I will add a music folder, which inside of it contains a CD. Often the CD is formatted in a way I do not like, so I use MP3 Tag to fix that. The only thing I have not been able to do with MP3 Tag is figure out how to remove a "/" from the track tag. If there are 20 tracks, every track number is listed as 1/20, 2/20, 3/20. I hate that. I have to manually go in and edit every one to remove the 1/20 and just change it to 1. Then change 2/20 to just 2. I have messed around under convert --> actions --> new and have been unable to find the appropriate action type to do what I'm trying to do here. I have tried "replace" in the track field, where the original says "/" and replace with " " but all that does is make the track now say 1 20 instead of 1/20. That doesn't help! I know I'm close but I just can't figure it out. I want it to just say 1 not 1/20 or 1 20! Any suggestions?!

Regular Expressions

This did not help me. If someone would just be kind to directly post the code and action to remove the track problem listed above, that would be great.

I want the track tag to say 1, 2, 3, INSTEAD OF 1/20, 2/20, 3/20. etc

What would the action be and the exact code to perform it?


Create an action...

Name of action group: <>
Click New (the yellow star symbol)
Select action type: "Replace with regular expression"
Field: TRACK
Regular expression: ^(\d+)/\d+
Replace matches with: $1

You can also use a Format value action for the field TRACK with format string like


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