Removing [] characters in filename - Regular expression?

I have files ending with [] characters ... string length is not fixed, and sometimes there is more than one set..

For Example:

Simon & Garfunkel - Feuilles-O [Demo Version] [C4].mp3

What I would like to do is eliminate all brackets and what is contained in them...basically a "normal" filename in format Artist - Title. I have searched the forum, and I think I need to use Action involving a regular expression, but am unsure of the syntax for regular expression .. - any suggestions appreciated..

Bill Clark, Windham, VT

Maybe you have a look here:

Thanks ! I will try this --

the RegEx syntax still mystifies me - is ist a standard language, or specific to Mp3Tag ?

In general the regular expressions are standardized with the exception, that some have particular flavours.

If you do not feel so much at home with regular expressions, why not use an action of the type "Guess value"?
Source: %_filename%
Target: %_filename% [%dummy%