Removing duplicates -numbers B4 & after title

After combining all our computers music I discovered there were up to six duplicates in each folder but only one showed in iTunes. The tracks were renamed with numbers before and after the title. I actually started going through each folder and removing the dups one by one but this will take weeks if not months. The size of my library is showing 156gb and I know I don't have that much music.

I would like to know how to search for these duplicates that Windows was so nice to rename instead of overwrite or skip. I included a photo. The three on the bottom have the BPM and key listed at the end. I have looked around for posts but I didn't locate any that matched my issue perfectly. I'm looking for a string I can search so I can remove all but one of the tracks. For example: the only track I need in the photo is the fourth one down.

So actually I guess I need two strings. One that looks for the numbers before and after the title like on the first three tracks and deletes those and then one that will only find but not delete the ones that have the key and BPM listed, like the bottom three. But if there is a string that can be written that will only keep the fourth one down that would make life a lot easier. I don't have a clue how to write the strings. thanks for the help!!

I don't think you need to go to any bother doing what your doing.

Try this post I previously posted in relation to the something similar. It may be of interest to you. Them tracks you're referring to are called 'orphan tracks' whereby they're in your music library location but not actually part of the iTunes library itself. The tool in that post can search the folder library location against that of the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file and get rid of all the dups, orphan tracks etc.

Awesome! You made my day. Now I'll be able to get back to making music instead of cleaning it. LOL. Thanks again!!!

It worked to a point. It deleted 3266 files but there still are tracks with titles with (1) or (2) at the end of the title. "Song Title (1)", "Song Title (2), "Song Title (1) (2). Apparently iTunes do see some of these files.

Don't rename these files in mp3tag otherwise you'll mess up your iTunes. What I do is firstly open up iTunes, sort the iTunes Library by album (makes sure what you do next works properly). Play the 1st song and leave a paperweight resting on the right arrow key.. Go for a walk, dinner or whatever and when you come back iTunes will have updated the _FILENAMES. This only works if you have 'Keep iTunes media folder organised' in the perferences.

Whereas before there may have been two _FILENAME

Title Goes Here
Title Goes Here (01)

Now you have only:

Title Goes Here (01)

iTunes can then rename it back to 'Title Goes Here' as none exist.

There is also this post which can do something similar.
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