Removing ID3v1 tags

Is File > Remove tag the only way to remove ID3v1 and Ape tags from MP3 files? Or can this be done from within an Action?

Yes, this is the only way.

Thanks, Florian. Would it make sense to create a 'Remove Tags' action? Ideally you could state within the action exactly which types of tag to remove instead of relying on the Options > Tags > [filetype] settings. I can see myself using this extensively while retagging MP3s, instead of doing Ctrl-R each time.

Wondering if there is any further movement here? I have a number of music files that still have ID3v1 tags, and they mess up the filing classification in the organizing too I use (Orange CD - the only one I've found that scales to my collection of 130,000+ MP3's). I just want to strip the old ID3v1 tags from the mp3, ideally with a single click, and still not mess with the ID3v2 metadata.

Fingers crossed that Florian will pick this back up. :slight_smile:

If you wait for a 1 click solution, you may never get it done with Mp3tag.
But it is easy with Mp3tag, although the 8 or 9 clicks may take a few seconds.
I can't tell if you know how to do it and think it's too much trouble, or if you think it can't be done. :slightly_smiling_face:

Set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg to only read and delete ID3V1 tags.
Read the files.
Select the files.
Use the function "Delete tag" ... and wait
After the tags have been delete all files should show no tag data.
Set Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg back to the normal state again, where you read, write and delete ID3V2 and read and delete ID3V1
Reread the files - they should now show the normal tag data again.

Thank you for the feedback!

I was, however, asking whether it would be possible to have the ability to strip just ID3v1 data from a file via an ACTION, as opposed to this current (slightly more complex) method, that involves multiple steps. That request was made quite some time ago, and I was wondering if it was still a Feature Request that Florian was tracking, or had rejected (either because it isn't possible to achieve, or because he did not feel the request rose to the level of investing effort on it).