Removing repeated characters

hello everyone,

can anyone please explain how to do this " reg ex _ALL, \s\s " ,i found this regex string here in the forum to remove the double spaces but it's not clear how to use it inside the app and app help file doesn't really help me.

explanation by steps please, it's my first days with the app and iam not yet familiar with all it's functions.

thank you

The easiest way would be to use a "replace" action.

If you need something else, have a look at the FAQs
There you find hints on how to use an action and a specific approach to remove space characters (trailing, leading, repeated):

please can you explain what Field "_TAG" is ?? i think it's all tags Fields, but iam not sure and it's not clear !! some advice here

also the page linked "Actions and batch-operations" are very good and useful reference, thank you.

This field variable describes the whole tag data. It spares you the effort to name every field explicitly. Yet, a word of warning, it may lead to undesirable results if you let loose a action on the whole tag data and you do not know exactly which data is in the tag.

A better approach would be to treat only the fields where you really suspect multiple successive space characters.

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thank you, i will backup all my music library first, and will go carefully with the "_TAG" field

sorry one last question, it looks dump but i need to be sure :grin::grin:

is any modifying to the "_TAG" field contain or affect the targeted file name itself !!

i know i shouldn't ask that but it's very critical point :bangbang:

I think that the filename is included in the treatment if you use _ALL

you are right, "_TAG" field is for tags only :white_check_mark::white_check_mark:


@asamirid Please be aware that _TAG also includes the Lyrics tag UNSYNCEDLYRICS. Every change you make will be executed for your embedded lyrics too. So again: Be very careful using _TAG.

yep, good thinking, lyrics will be affected too :flushed::flushed: