Removing "the" from multi artists


i like to remove the from multi artist and i done action format value artist $regexp(%artist%,^The ,). this isn't working for me how can i do this please.

Thank You

Could you show us the data in the field and then tell us what you want to achieve?
The expression you use remove a "The " only a the beginning of a string.
If you want to get rid of the text constant "the ", then use a plain replace action in which you replace "the " with nothing.

thanks for replying that is what i to do is remove the. will replace work if a highlight multi files?

Actions always operate on the selected files.
Or the other way round: you have to select at least 1 file to create an action. You may select more.
(BTW: why didn't you try it? That would have been much faster than writing the post in the forum ...)

i didn't know about the replace (how it worked) i did do that after you mention it and that did what i like but now my artist don't list alphabetically. bellieve you me i've been googling but some things i can't find or i'm typng in a wrong search pattern (mostly entering the wrong search info). like replacing all content from one field to another.

If you want to have a different sort order, then some players also use the field ARTISTSORT to get the right order.
You would have to fill this field with the name under which you want to find the artist.
But as you do not show any real data it is hard to tell what might have gone wrong.

ok here's what the list looks like after i replace the "the
see how they are out of order, i try sorting by artist and no luck.

Did you see the space in front ot the Artist names?
(That's why screenshots are really helpful).

... not that I wrote the "the" with a trailing space character ...

The screenump also explains why

did not work: the regular expressions are case sensitive.

i ddin't think the space would make a difference. so please tell how to remove the space just in front of the artist. know this is a learning process for and older timer with No Scripting skills.

i got it figure out Thanks now if i can only figure how to move content from one field to another i be set.

Like described in the FAQs?

please consider to open a new thread, if you have further questions on this problem.

BTW: the FAQs also show how to remove trailing or leading spaces ...

In most of the actions including “Replace” you can include leading and/or trailing spaces in both the original source and replace destination lines. This can really help when looking to find specific words or phrases, But me mindful of using too many spaces as they are obviously difficult to see and can often cause some unexpected results.

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