Removing total track information from multiple files

Some of my files have track number and total tracks listed. I would like to remove the total tracks part of this field - is there anyway to do this automatically for multiple files (basically I'm looking to handle this as a seperate field rather than having to handle two fields in one).

Any suggestions ?

Regards, Martin.

The fastest way i know is the autonumbering wizard (icon in the toolbar or tools menu), as long as the tracks show in the right order in mp3tag.

If your albums are in a folder each, you can tick the reset counter for each directory option in the wizard so that you dont have to repeat the process on each album.

Copy the total track to your preferred tag field:

Action type: Format value
Field: FIELD
Format string: $ifgreater(%_total%,0,%_total%,%field%)

Separate the track field from total tracks:

Action type: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format string: [$num(%track%,1)]

Thank you. Could you tell me how to make it so that when you copy the total track number to the separate field, it shows with a leading zero? ie. track x/8 becomes '08' in the tracktotal field?

create an action of the type Format Tag field for TotalTRACK and enter as format string:
for 2 digits per totaltracknumber or
for 3 digits per totaltracknumber.

Thanks for your help but that didn't work. It entered '00' in each field rather than '08'.

Never mind, I fixed it to %tracktotal% instead of %totaltrack%. Thank you!