removing track numbers

How do I type the syntax to remove track numbers in 'filename to tag'

Sorry to be so stupid. And I have looked in FAQ

What exactly do you mean?
%dummy% can skip parts of the filename


To delete the track number using 'filename to tag' what do you type ??%title%

I could not get my head around what the syntax was when reading FAQ.


You don't exactly 'delete' the track numbers with Filename To Tag, you can only skip importing them into the tag. If your trying to remove the track numbers from the actual filename, you're looking for something other then Filename To Tag.

That's it! I want the the command for skipping the track number on import using 'filename to tag'.


In that case, you simply need to place "%dummy%" in the mask in place of the track numbers. So with a filename like "Artist-01-Title.mp3" you would use "%artist%-%dummy%-%title%", this would import the Artist & Title from the Filename, but leave the Track # tag unaltered.

Thanks, but not quite.

I'm using filename to title and want to remove the track number from the beggining of the filename

Hmm, maybe your in a situation like "01Title.mp3"? If that is the case, I can't be of much help. Maybe check out this Post, might be of a little help, might not.

There are a bunch of possibilities how filenames including tracknumbers could have been set up.

The following cases can be handled by "Filename to Tag Converter":
"01-abc-def.mp3" converter mask e.g. "%track%-%title%-%dummy%"
"abc-def-01.mp3" converter mask e.g. "%title%-%dummy%-%track%"
"abc-01-def.mp3" converter mask e.g. "%title%-%track%-%dummy%"
"!abc!01!def!.mp3" converter mask e.g. "!%title%!%track%!%dummy%!"

Similar cases like the following two examples cannot be handled properly by "Filename to Tag Converter":
No rule without exception:
"01abc.mp3" converter mask "01%title%" results in "abc"
"abc01.mp3" converter mask "%title%01" results in "abc"

So what's the heck to load the complete filename into a tagfield and manipulate the content of this tagfield using an action that cuts off leading numbers?