Removing Underscore

Hi Guys!!!
Once againg an easy question for you!!!
I got songs on the title field that looks like this... Another_day_in_Paradise_
How can I remove the UNDERSCORE without changing the title?
Thanks for your help...

FAQ: How do I replace the string "xyz" in tag-fields or filenames?

Hi florian... tkx for your help...It worked perfect for 1 song.....
How can I remove THE UNDERSCORE FROM more the one song at once...
Thanks for your support

I take it that you still have the ACTION from the single replace?
Then: select all the files you want to have processed and start the ACTION again. The modifications will be applied to all selected files.

Perhaps you want to apply a filter first
in V2.45 ff it looks like
%title% HAS _

Have fun.

I must be doing something wrong.
I have tried using different combinations from the "How do I replace the string "xyz" in tag-fields or filenames" page, and nothing happens. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me the code to put in FIELD, ORIGINAL, and REPLACE WITH.
Thanks in advance!

Action: Replace
Field: TITLE
Replace with: " "
(without quotation marks, i inserted them only to mark the space)
you can also choose the field _TAG (for all tags) or _ALL (for all tags + filename)

It worked perfectly!!