Rename Album After Folder

I see a lot of threads on how to rename a folder after the tags. I want to go the opposite route.

My folders are all named properly - it's the "Album" tag that's all facacte.

It's a few hundred files in a few dozen folders - and I'd like each of the files to pick up its individual Folder Name as its Album tag.

Importing data from the folder structure is described in the FAQs:

Thanks for the reference, but that makes absolutely zero sense to me.

The Filename is already the same as the Title tag.

I want the Album tag to be the same as the Folder (i.e., subdirectory) name.

In Mp3Tag, I am selecting the uppermost folder in the "Directory" field - so all of my files show in the window.

And when I go to "Convert>Filename-Tag" (NOT "ConvertER"), it wants to rename the Title, not the Album.

I quote from the linked FAQ topic:
" Of course, sometimes it's also needed to omit some information that should not imported to the tag. This can be done using the %dummy% placeholder for the unneeded part of the file path."

The path probably looks like
the folder is to become the ALBUM,
so it is
and as you do not need the filename, you can omit it, which can be done, as the HowTo tells you, by using %dummy%:

Thank you. Maybe I'm the dummy (spoiler: I'm not), but I never would have derived those instructions from the HowTo.

Your specific instructions did the trick. Thank you.