Renaming files - case problems

Hi - I have a problem which I strongly suspect isn't mp3tag's fault but wanted to know if anyone had come across this and whether there was a solution.

I'm trying to rename a bunch of flac filenames from the tag info. I've run the case converter over the tag names and want the underlying filenames to correspond in terms of case.
The library containing the files is on a NAS - a Dlink DNS-323 which is a Linux/Samba based device.
When I perform the rename - the files are not being renamed with the correct case - in fact the case isn't being altered at all despite mp3tag claiming it's renamed the files. the file modification times are not being changed either (yep - I'm hitting 'Refresh'!).

I have the same problem with Mediamonkey so there's clearly some difference in the way the NAS is behaving over a local NTFS filesystem. I don't particularly want to hack Samba on the NAS and I'm not 100% sure that's actually the issue either. Could some kind soul enlighten me how the file renaming is taking place from mp3tag and whether anyone's seen this issue before?


[edit] - just to clarify - the files on the NAS aren't being updated when the filename rename only involves a case change. If I modify the filename structure (i.e just add an extra space) then it does rename correctly, case and all.

My guess is that it may be a limitation of Windows due to it using a case-insensitive file system. If you just attempt to change the case of the name, Windows thinks the new name is the same as the old one. For example of this, open Windows Explorer and browse to a local folder, then try to change the case of a letter in a filename. It won't stick. You have to change the name somehow first.

So it sounds like you've discovered the simple workaround. Rename the file twice, making some arbitrary change to the name the first time, and then undo it the second time. This is very easy to do in an Action group. I wouldn't use the space trick, because if the second renaming fails for some reason you may not notice the change. Add something more obvious, like XXXXX.