Renaming folders using Tag Info fields


I'm totally new to MP3Tag and with my limited use impressed with the results and functionality

I've searched for some clear instructions with no look (I see many users wanting to use their current folder naming info for tagging, but not so much for using the TAG info for renaming the folders)

So, to clarify i have used MP3TAG to correctly TAG each album (each file within) & make any amendments - I have also renamed each file using the "Artist" and "Track" TAG info fields so all consistent

Each album is currently within its own folder for simplicity and i'm wanting to use the correct TAG fields (Artist - Album) from each album to rename each folder correctly and consistently

My current (as a tester) music location is:E:\New Music Sorted\ (THEN EACH ALBUM FOLDER)

I have looked all over MP3TAG and can't for the life of me see the option / icon or settings for me to perform this task? (and i'm sure its simple once you know where and how)

So i would end up with separate folders remained like this using the TAG info:

2 Chains - Tyti Boi
2 Chains - Pretty Girls Like Trap Music
ABBA - Gold
ABBA - Number Ones
etc etc

Any help greatly appreciated

In addition, is it possible for it to create sub folders? (Placing each matching artist album into one single artist folder?

2 Chains - Tyti Boi
- Pretty Girls Like Trap Music
ABBA - Gold
- Number Ones

(This isn't essential but would be handy - I have another program that will do this if not as long as i have folders name Artist - Album)

Thanks again for any help

You can use the Converter Tag->Filename or an equivalent action of the type "Format Value".

Formatstring: E:\New Music Sorted\%artist% - %album%\%_filename%
E:\New Music Sorted\%artist%\%album%\%_filename%

Type: Format Value
Formatstring: as above

These examples take the existing filename. You can also define a new filename with a formatstring like this
E:\New Music Sorted\%artist%\%album%\%track% - %artist% - %title%

This only works, of you have no additional files in the folder because they would not get moved.
With additional files you would have to use the Format Value Action for the _DIRECTORY.

There may old empty directories left behind.

Hi Poster

Thanks for the quick response.

So where on the MP3TAG menus do i enter these fields? (if you have a screen shot / settings menu or location that would really help)

ill have a play around with these string examples as a tester then and keep you posted

Thanks again

(I'm assuming the creation of album named sub folders within artist isn't a possibility?) not a problem though . . .

Most of your questions are answered in the FAQ section:

In the Howtos and FAQs you also find advice on how to create actions.
Or you may have a look at the help

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The second format-string is for creating album-subfolders.

MP3Tag shows the menue-entry for the coverter and the actions at the top.

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