Renaming/Removing Items From Tags

I am a new user to Mp3tag and to these forums. I am currently (still) searching for an answer to my problem, but I have yet to see exactly what I want.

I have a bunch of files in this format:
artist - title.mp3
and I can copy that to the tag, but what I want is to remove the artist - after I am done so my tag looks like this:

I am trying to understand strings, but most of it escapes me.
And if this has already been posted, just point me in the "write" direction. Hahaha.
I already have been here but I don't see what I want. The closest would be removing leading characters, but as each artist is a different length, that isn't applicable. I think I need a string along the lines of:
remove (pre -) (-)(and blank space afterward).


What tag version do you use and what are the names of the involved tag fields?


Version 2.46
Title and artist.

Is that what you are asking for?

So you use Mp3tag version 2.46.

I assume you want to tag your files with Tag version ID3v2.3 with UTF-16 character encoding.
Set Mp3tag to use this as your default tagging format.

Your tag fields are named ARTIST and TITLE.
From what should the content of ARTIST removed? From the filename?


Supposing the tag fields in the music file are properly filled and you want to set the filename to a new value, you can use Mp3tag/Convert/Tag-Filename with the format string %TITLE%.
This will set the filename to the content of the TITLE tag field.
You can press the Preview button to have a look at the result before physically applying the change to the file.


Supposing that the tag fields ARTIST and TITLE are empty or do contain erasable informations, and the filename contains the information for setting the tag fields ARTIST and TITLE, then you can use Mp3tag/Convert/Filename-Tag.

With a given filename of "artist - title.mp3", where "artist" stands for the textual information about the artist and "title" stands for the textual information about the title, both parts separated by a literal string of ' - ', which is unique to the both informations parts, then you can use the following format string (or mask) to fill the tag fields automatically with the related content from the filename:


In the prviously message there was an error with the format string.
I have written erroneously:
In this case Mp3tag treats the single apostroph literally as a character, not as a string delimiter!

So the correct format string should be:


I have tired to apply a Convert, FileName -> Tag Mask as you suggested. My Filename for the example is Bob James - Reunited.Mp3. When I attempt to CONVERT the Artist Tag, which is filled with the String 'Bob James - Reunited' to Just %artist% the Preview still shows the tag will be "Bob - James - Reunited' The problem is the original TAG was not made correctly it does not contain JUST the Artist or TItle. the original tag contains BOTH the Artist AND Title in the format of <Artist - Title>.

So with that being the case the Conversion Menu will not work for me. My MP3's are not tagged correctly to begin with. If I have an Artist Name of 'Bob James - Reunited' and apply the Mask of %artist% the Name will still 'Bob James - Reunited' if the original Tag was created wrong.

by example, and I am referring to the MP3 TAG Information not the filename.

I have a MP3 with the following informations

Artist: Groovey Music
Title: Bob James - Reunited

and the actual filename is c:\music\groovymusic\bob james - reunited.mp3

WHne I apply a Convert, Filename Tag -> I can change the mask as you suggested. CHanging the mask to JUST %artist%, which is what I would like to do, does not Fix the tag as I would like.
Thus my appeal for help with the regular expressions.

Well, one more try to apply Mp3tag/Convert/Filename-Tag.

The filename is "Bob James - Reunited" (without file extension ".Mp3").
The structure or mask or format of this filename is "ARTIST - TITLE".
The converter "Filename-Tag" can split the string at the separator string ' - ' into two parts:
ARTIST = "Bob James"
TITLE = "Reunited"
The format string to use is: %ARTIST% - %TITLE%

If only the ARTIST tagfield and nothing more should be set by the "Filename-Tag" converter, then the format string to use is: %ARTIST% - %DUMMY%
%DUMMY% is a Mp3tag placeholder, which content will be discarded.
ARTIST = "Bob James"
(nothing else is changed).

If only the TITLE tagfield and nothing more should be set by the "Filename-Tag" converter, then the format string to use is: %DUMMY% - %TITLE%
%DUMMY% is a Mp3tag placeholder, which content will be discarded.
TITLE = "Reunited"
(nothing else is changed).