renaming/string issue in one particular case

hi everyone -

(first off, BRILLIANT program, this makes my life a lot easier. it's obvious how much time you've spent on the app, and it shows. apologies in advance if the answer is in the forums somewhere. i looked (i swear), but i'm pretty clueless about computers, so probably missed it.)

here's my issue. i have a bunch of mp3s without smarttags that have the following naming convention -

Artist - AlbumTitle Track# - Track
John Coltrane - Blue Train 01 - Blue Train

I'd like to do a filename to tag conversion. Looking at the string option

%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

I removed the third "-", because my file name doesn't have one between album title and track#.

So now it looked like this -

%artist% - %album% - %track% - %title%

It works great, but only for albums that have a one word title. For that Coltrane file, for example, i kept getting results like this

Artist - John Coltrane
Album - Blue
Track - Train 01
Title - Blue Train

Any ideas on how i can fix that? any help would be greatly appreciated. And if it's easier, replies in German are völlig in ordnung :slight_smile:


The problem is, that Mp3tag looks for the first blank after matching %album% and treats this as seperator.

You can rename your files to have a proper seperator like - between %album% and %track% using this action:

Action #1:
Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Regular expression: (.) - (.) (\d*) - (.*)
Replace matches with: $1 - $2 - $3 - $4

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hi Florian,

brilliant, it worked a charm.

thanks for getting back to me so fast, hadn't expected such a quick turn around...

Viele Grüsse aus NY, mach's jut.