Replace Repeated Tags

Hi Everyone,
I have some audio files where the Album name is mistakenly tagged as Artist name.
Now, Both Artist and Album Tags have the same data(tag).

Artist: denisrichie
Album: denisrichie

In another case,
Artist: steveunemploy
Album: steveunemploy

...and so on case3,4,5,6,7,8.

In all the cases both Artist and Album tags are same. Now, i want to delete(remove) Artist field since both are same. I want to do this only when both the fields are same.

How can i Do it? Thanks in Advance. Please be clear, since i'm a newbie in using some features of MP3TAG v2.48

The following should work fine with 2.49 - so update if 2.48 fails.
Proceed as follows:

load the files into mp3tag.
Press F3 to display the filter entry box at the bottom if is not already there.
Enter the following line as filter (including the quotation marks):
"$if($eql(%artist%,%album%),1,0)" IS 1

this filters all the files where artist and album have the same contents.
Select all tracks in the files list (press CTRL-A)
Turn to the tag panel on the left and navigate to the tag that you want to delete and select "delete" (or "remove" I do not know how it shows up in the English version) from the drop down list (which now shows "keep") "delete" (or "remove" I do not know how it shows up in the English version).
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes.

Hi ohrenkino,
A good idea, but did not work. It's displaying nothing(no files) in both the versions.
Perhaps, we need to try something else.

Edit: It Worked, i had not added : ' IS 1 '
Thanks ohrenkino, thats was a great idea.

I have an another question, a bit similar one.
How can i tag the album(tag) as Folder Name?(only when the album field is empty)

Album: --Empty-- ---> Album: Folder Name

Also, how can i delete(or replace) Title Tag which has Album name in it.

Title: Album-Name 01 ---> 01/Track 01.

Apply a filter:
%album% IS ""

Use the converter "Filename - Tag" and enter a mask like this:

The preview function in that converter will show you the probable result.

That Worked.
Any idea How i can Add an extra detail to existing Tag?
Something like this:
I mean i need to add a phrase to all those tags.

Have a look at the FAQs - this is one of the really frequently asked questions:

As a format string any combination of literals and contents of tag-variables is allowed. Tag-variables are enclosed by the % character, e.g. %title%
f you want to append TITLE by "Best stuff", use the string
Best stuff - %title%

And another thing: if you have further questions please start a new thread as it would be easier to judge from the topic what the problem is - also, if others search the forum, it makes it simpler to rule out the non-hits...