Replace the X language specific characters

How can I replace the X language specific characters UTF-8 (such as the Latvian language) to Latin characters, but only the file names, but not to replace them in tags?
How to do it in one go, without having to type:
Ā > A ā > a
Č > C č > c
Ē > E ē > e
Ģ > G ģ > g
Ī > I ī > i, etc.

14 - Imants Skrastiņš - Kamolā tinēja - (Sapņu pīpe) - 2001 >
14 - Imants Skrastins - Kamola tineja - (Sapnu pipe) - 2001

I am afraid that there is hardly any way around than creating an actiongroup that has an entry for each pair or characters.
I cannot think of a formalized approach (e.g. subtract a certain value from the code number or the character) as you want to match several characters with a single one.

Thanks, I just also wanted to find out.

Some users have already made actions for this:
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How do I import this action?
v 2.50

Thanks - I did it!