Replace TITLE with current TITLE and ARTIST

Hello all,

First off, just want to say I love mp3tag and have been using it for quite some time. It has helped me out immensely with organizing my collection! Here is my issue.

I am using Ampache to stream a large personal collection of music. A problem I have is that browsing for artists is terrible as I have a large mix collection of various artists.

I would like to replace the TITLE for the ID3 tags with "TITLE - (ARTIST)" and then rename the folder to have a common artist name (instead of dozens of different artists in same folder). For example:

"FakeSongTitle" by "FakeArtist" becomes "FakeSongTitle - (FakeArtist)" by "Various"

I haven't found any way to pull this off with mp3tag. Am I missing something? Any alternatives to mp3tag are welcome too.

Thanks everyone!

Appending a field with a fixed or variable information is even answered in the FAQs.
Only that you set " - (%artist%)" instead of "xyz".

I am not quite sure what you mean with your second formatting:
"FakeSongTitle" by "FakeArtist" becomes "FakeSongTitle - (FakeArtist)" by "Various"?

Which part is new? What do the inverted commas mean?
What is a "Fakesongtitle"?
Could you give a concrete example of the before and after?


Thank you for your response! Your link solved my issue and I am super happy. Here is an example of what I wanted to accomplish.

I have a folder called "Singles" in which I store one or two songs from a wide variety of artists. I would like to change all of the artists to "Various" and move them instead into the Song Title so that Ampache won't create an individual artist listing for artists with only 1 song. This is also an implication for my "dumb" mp3 player that has the same limitation.

Song Title: Alice's Restaurant
Artist: Arlo Guthrie

Song Title: Alice's Restaurant - Arlo Guthrie
Artist: Various

I have it sorted out now, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :slight_smile: